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Harry Otto: 05/04/2017 04:38

The telephone solicitor called to offer me a no obligation, in home estimate for flooring. "Yes", I said. When the salesman arrived, he was disappointed that I wasn't ready to buy 6 minutes after he walked into my home. We talked about other work that was needed: the salesman gave me a rough estimate for the work, and said the project manager would contact me and give me more details. After 4 days, the person has not called me back. The telephone person was great, but manager's lack of commitment to his salesman's word was sad. Hope you get a better experience than I did.

Ellen Morgan: 05/03/2017 02:56

About a month ago we had them replace the siding on our home with HardiPlank, that looked great. Then it came time to paint it, I am so disappointed it has been almost a month now, it seems the only way I can light a fire under them to get it done correctly is to text the owner Roy. This last visit, while at work I got a text saying everything was fixed, imagine my shock when I got home to find it was NOT ! Everyone has their $$$ now last call with Oscar .. they will call us on Monday. Kind of just Done, you might want to shop around .. ttl this was 21,945.00 don't know about you but I work hard for that !

roy prince: 03/04/2017 04:11

Very professional. Did my flooring in 1 day. I would highly recommend co. Polite professional. Clean And fast.

Matticus Valentin Kole: 10/15/2016 03:27

They did my windows for a great price last year for a great price.....then a year later they put in the bamboo floors i wanted. The process was easy. The representative was casual and friendly. Installation was fairly quick...and they were able to work with mybless than great credit. I refer them to my neighbors and for the most part they were pleased as well. Great company. Next year im looking for a deck and im sure ill use them again

Christina A: 08/08/2016 05:41

I don't understand how anyone gave this company five stars. It's a conundrum, really, because in some areas they deserve a -10 and in other areas, 5. The telemarketer/appointment setter: amicable and obviously can talk you in to anything.Very friendly. 5 stars The Salesman: We almost didn't buy this service but the owner talked me in to it. He was arrogant and rude from the moment he walked in the door. He seemed offended to have to be in the presence of our dogs, refused to sit down on our sofa and discuss anything (no, the dogs don't get on the sofa and there was no dog hair on it), was disgusted with us that we wouldn't accept his quote to not only replace floors but also paint the entire interior of our home, threw some numbers our way and walked out as if we were a waste of his time. Apparently nearly 10 grand of my money isn't enough to warrant courtesy. -10 stars Andre, the installation supervisor: Only saving grace of the entire process. He was considerate, answered all the questions the salesman refused to answer, and made us feel comfortable again about having hired this company. 5+++++stars The Installation team: Great job installing the floors. But...they unplugged a fridge in the media room and forgot to plug it back in, so the next day we had standing water and they had to come out, rip up part of that room and re-install it. Work: 5 Everything Else: 0 They removed everything from the closets and put it on the beds (that in itself was fine)....but they dumped shoes on top of ironed , clean clothing, boots on a hat with a feather plume which of course broke, stilletto heels on lace and silk dresses so they tore...we are at 14 items needing to be repaired and 11 things needing replacement at this point, it's just heartbreaking. So they may be pissed that they didn't get tipped but they didn't deserve it. Add to this the promise that I was going to get "exceptional pricing" if they put a sign out front while working and I promised to use the company when we ARE ready to paint the indoors, which never happened, well...let's just say "lessons learned are like bridges burned, you only need to cross them but once."