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Ashley Baugher: 12/05/2016 19:56

Just hung up on me when I tried to ask question...

computerlessmind: 02/16/2016 03:47

Stablelift Foundation Repair installed 23 exterior steel piers and 6 interior piers on our home in January of 2016. Geoff Hernandez was our Project Manager. He and his team did an outstanding job providing what we felt to be the strongest and best remedy to our shifting foundation issue. My husband had interviewed other companies and found Stablelift to offer steel (not concrete) piers as well as the best warranty (lifetime and fully transferrable without additional fee) at a competitive price. So, the work was completed and we are very well satisfied with our home now back at near perfect level. These guys know what they are doing and do it well. A LOT of homes in San Antonio are shifting with the soil so if you are not ready now, you might very well need it in the future. We had put it off but recently decided to have it repaired and were lucky to find this company and wanted to pass along our experience.

Nicky B: 10/15/2015 03:53

Work was just completed at my house today and I have no complaints. They did an excellent job. The work was done in a total of 4 days and aside from expected dust, everything was left very clean. I chose to stay in my home for most of the process, and any question I had was answered and explained thoroughly. It helps to know Spanish, but the crew did speak English and at least one of them was bilingual and could translate if needed. This company worked with my payment method and anything my insurance and warranty required. Excellent service and work!

Andre Shoumatoff: 05/02/2014 03:35

In spring of 2013, we used StableLift Foundation Repair to secure the foundation on our home in San Antonio which was starting to sink in one area due to the clay soils here. This scared us quite a bit as you can imagine. We googled and looked on Angie's List and found that StableLift by far has the best reputation in the area and they have been doing this work for a long time. We also got a few bids because it's not cheap! And StableLift's bid was really competitive, especially for the level of service they offered - they were phenomenal. They moved quickly, and were extremely kind and answered all of our questions. When they left, the area surrounding the house was cleaner than when they got there. We mostly dealt with Brent, the owner, but everyone we dealt with at StableLift was great. Since we had it done I've heard some horror stories from friends in similar positions. I've recommended them to probably 3 other friends and they all had a great experience. My recommendation is to definitely at least give Stable Lift a ring at bare minimim...

Teresa Talley: 04/09/2014 05:21

I am very pleased with the whole team. I received bids from 3 companies and Stable Lift detailed their quote making it easy to understand, They took the time to explain their approach and all of the potential collateral effect, positive or negative. When the team came out to place the piers and again to lift and level the house, it was obvious that they were very experienced. They successfully dealt with any variables, and finished slightly ahead of schedule. Besides their skill and professionalism, I was very impressed by the courteousness and conscientiousness in daily clean-up, care of landscaping and personal property, and the final punchlist and followup. It was amazing to watch the major cracks come back together and knowing my home is secure once more. I will write again after we suffer through another San Antonio summer and let you know how the foundation repair is holding up.