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Rita Farmer: 03/01/2017 23:09

Great people with lots of experience and work is of geat work ethic quality. Office staff and owners very nice and accommodating.

Dan McMahan: 04/04/2016 23:21

They didn't actually perform any work at my house. It never got that far since no one showed up for the estimate at the scheduled time. I made an appointment in their showroom, with the owner's wife. When I called 15 minutes past the scheduled time I was told there was no record of me in their system. The person I spoke with on the phone remembers me being in the showroom. While I waited for a call back to see if they could send someone out, I read the reviews and decided to cut my losses and find another company. Check the reviews before hiring this company.

Steve Trevino: 12/04/2012 03:17

We had our entire house painted, several huge holes in the walls fixed, and many other minor repairs. We are now having them do our kitchen & flooring. Juan and his crew were great. They all knew what they were doing and knocked out the whole house extremely quickly. We were pleased with how even the crew was very professional. After the first day, my wife HATED the way the color looked. The guys fixed it the very next day with no hesitation or extra charge. We love the way our house turned out, and you can't even tell there were ever holes in the walls! Since our project was completed, we have friends getting their bathroom done with Shaw. We look forward to seeing how our kitchen & floors turn out! I would highly recommend this company to any of my friends or family!