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  • Address:1800 NE Interstate 410 Loop #307, San Antonio
  • Phone:(210) 349-7663

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Robyn Langston: 05/04/2017 17:55

I would not suggest doing business with this company. We were given a quote only to get a call from the owner stating that the person who gave us a written quote no longer works for the company and that the new quote he could offer was thousands of dollars more. That is bad business!!! I will NOT use them and suggest that you look elsewhere unless you wish to get hosed...

Megan: 04/18/2017 22:01

I set up an appointment for John to come out to my bosses' house on April the 6th for a quote on his primary residence and guest house. He cancelled the day of stating that he had food poisoning and was in Louisiana but rescheduled for the next day. We were informed we would be receiving a formal quote within two days. It is now that 18th and we still have yet to receive anything from this company. When we called to place a complaint today, we were informed that John had been fired and is no longer with the company (after twice of being hung up on and transferred to different people.) Tony's name was tossed around as GM, but he would not take any calls on complaints and we were told to leave a name and number. There have been 4 other companies to quote this 30K job in the time we were advised we would receive the quote from Roof Fix Now. If this is the way this company does business I would HIGHLY advise NOT contacting them for an estimate.

Alex Gilmore: 03/22/2017 19:22

After we were in a hail storm Scott Frazier came out to inspect our roof for damage. His inspection was quite thorough and actually determined our roof to be fantastic shape for being over 11 years old. Not trusting his evaluation I had a friend of mine, that used to be a roofer, come over and do another evaluation of the roof and he confirmed Scott's determination. Even though Roof Fix Now did not re-roof my house, i will be calling them when the time comes. I highly recommend anyone to use them for all your roofing needs.

Woo Woo: 03/10/2017 09:53

My wife worked for them. Dewayne had my wife ashley lien to consumers. Dont do business with Dewayne he is a lier he will never return your phone call. Scott is the only guy that work there thats a man of his word and do good business. Dewayne is very racist have said disrespectful things about Mexicans. My wife made a statement to eeoc about Dewayne telling her why is all black people lazy. He fire every worker that work for him if they dont lie to cover him. He will never return your phone call he will make you a promise and want keep it he does very bad business if it wasn't for scott the business would of been gone. He have been sue before. Be careful when you deal with Dewayne from this business. Scott is the only guy that will give u the best.