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Jennifer Smith: 01/17/2017 21:41

I highly recommend Rhino Design Build. We hired them to do an extensive remodel of our home. We took in our back porch, a portion of the garage, and part of an exterior closet, adding about 250 sf. Then we ripped out almost half of the walls in the house and moved everything around. The kitchen moved. The master bathroom moved a bit. They had to trench the slab foundation to move plumbing. We also resurfaced all the wood floors in our house, re-textured walls, painted, put new trim in, etc. Almost every surface of our house was renewed. We had to move out of our house for all this work to be done. We had never done a remodel before, and had heard horror stories of projects that always went over time and over budget. However, the whole project ended up being a dream. Danny, the owner, was in constant communication with me. Joseph, the foreman, was at the house just about every time I drove by, which was multiple times a day. They stayed on budget (can you believe it?) and came in UNDER the promised time frame. Throughout the process Joseph and Danny repeatedly made it clear that they were not satisfied with “good enough”, but each thing had to be done “right”. Their integrity is unmatched. The work that was done is top-notch. We could not be more pleased. We did interview and get bids from 2 other contractors before deciding on Rhino. One bid was very close to Rhino, and the other bid was more than twice the cost. I feel like we got a great value by using Rhino, and I absolutely LOVE my house!! If we decide to do any other work on our house in the future, it’s a no-brainer. I will call Danny.

HNorman Abramson: 01/16/2017 15:21

It has been a pleasure to work with Daniel Garcia of Rhino Design Build, LLC. He provides excellent workmanship and great attention to detail. He is true to his word in every respect. I would contract with him again.

Katherine Trumble: 10/28/2016 05:56

Rhino Design Build completed a beautiful addition on my home last year. I was so pleased with the company, led by Danny Garcia, that I also used them for a new roof, electrical re-wire, external paint job, and a great kitchen remodel. Danny is honest and get things done for a fair price. He ensures the work is quality and backs up his company's work. Danny is also very responsive and always listened to my concerns. He is a contractor with integrity, which is not easy to find. Pick Rhino Design Build!

Frank Bernosky: 10/14/2016 13:21

We decided to convert our sunken shower into a ground-level shower. It was a small project and it was difficult to find anyone interested in the task. After contacting several contractors, resulting in no call-backs or being turned down, we came across Rhino Design Build. It was the best decision we made. Danny looked at our project and gave us a detailed description of how the conversion would take place. He stopped by several times throughout the conversion to check on the progress, insuring that the work was being done properly and to our satisfaction, always answering any questions that we had. Antonio, his sub-contractor, did an amazing job. He is an excellent craftsman, “measuring three times, cutting once”. He is a true artisan. He protected the flooring and carpet immediately before starting the project, taking great care to protect our floors and home. He and his crew are respectful, honest and trustworthy. Upon completion of the project, Antonio and his crew removed all debris and removed all the protective coverings they had installed. We would highly recommend the Rhino Build team to anyone who may be looking for a knowledgeable, dependable, and caring contractor. You could find no better. At the end of the project, we have not only a superb job, but a new friend!

ME K: 08/09/2015 01:22

Rhino Design Build is an excellent general contractor. I first got to know Danny (one of the owners) when I saw a house he had redesigned. I fell in love with the house and was very impressed with the quality of the work and the thoughtful design behind it. I ended up not being able to get the house but found another. I of course chose Danny when I decided to restore the house (it's 90 years old). Danny was able to work with me to find many solutions for my house and has done an excellent job on it. I highly recommend Danny and Rhino Design as a whole!