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gary denson: 04/26/2017 20:05

I have seen service professional's come and go, some were OK and some were just, not so good. This last Service Professional ( Mr.Dylan Fisher) was the best. His attention to detail was was the best I have ever seen. Thank you for a job well done.

Tommy Hopkins: 04/25/2017 16:22

I want to offer my highest commendations of Mr. James Rodriguez, certified specialist of Jon Wayne Air Conditioning Company for answering the service request for my A/C Unit. He was a consummate professional in his conduct and service. He was thorough throughout his inspection and listened carefully and intently to my observations and concerns about the unit. He explained in detail and understandable terms his diagnosis of the unit and what he would do to “finely tune” the Unit to peak performance. His expertise, courtesy and conduct made this one of the most informative, positive and pleasant experiences I have had with the maintenance of this unit. After my experience with Mr. Rodriguez, I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my investment and will continue to be a customer. He is an asset to the Jon Wayne Company, and an exemplary professional, especially in his delivery of customer service and satisfaction. - TH San Antonio

Madison Mauze: 04/21/2017 21:01

Johnny was incredible professional, thorough, and detail oriented. He took great initiative. He was respectful of the needs or our family as our young kids were going to bed and worked around the needs of our family. I would highly recommend Jon Wayne and Johnny Garza to anyone.

Michael Atwell: 03/15/2017 21:48

At first I would have given them five stars, the sales guy was great, no pressure, ran me through all of my options, said over and over again that if you want it installed right, Jon Wayne was the company, said they could probably knock everything out in one day. I paid around 32,000 for two complete new systems, purification system, duct sealing, pressure check, whatever, got the whole enchilada. They did install it in one day and did a great job, everyone was polite and professional, thought all was good. Then, a week later, I noticed that the outdoor units didn't seem to be turning on and the temperature wasn't staying in the range I was setting the thermostat to, it just kept going up and up in temperature. I set the thermostats to 50 degrees just to see if the units would kick on and nothing. Called for service, they sent someone out the next day, again, a great guy, customer service isn't the issue. He spent four or five hours I think at my house doing a full system diagnostic, in the end he found something wrong with the transformer for the UV light I think in the attic for the upstairs system and he couldn't find anything wrong with the downstairs system except that it had somehow gone into safe mode and shut itself off, both systems shut themselves off. They sent out a guy the next day and he changed out the transformer and everything seemed to be working again. A couple weeks later, I'm looking at the thermostat for the downstairs and it's not staying in the range set again. I set both thermostats to 50 degrees, go outside to see if the units are on, the upstairs one is running, nothing from the downstairs unit, so now I have to call Jon Wayne again, schedule for someone to come out, and hope it doesn't happen for a third time. If I spent 32,000 on a brand new car and had to take it in for repairs twice in the first month, I'd probably demand a new car, not too sure I can do much besides write a poor review at this point.

Michael Edwardy: 01/19/2017 21:34

I just had Jonathan return to my home for the third time to install motion sensor lighting. His return was not to fix anything incorrectly done on my home but due to my change of mind regarding the equipment installed. He, as he did the other two times he was here, worked like he was doing work for his own mother, perfection being paramount. His overall demeanor was delightful, and his expertise was evident all the time. I know now that I will always call Jon Wayne for any electrical needs I may have. This is THE COMPANY to use in San Antonio. I know that they have my back, and that they will return as many times as it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. My hat is off to Jonathan for exemplary customer service.