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Paul Robles-Weiss: 02/02/2017 23:19

Very professional, and good with insurance, which was my concern, I don''t like dealing with them. As far as the work, they did my roof, a 30 year roof and gave me a good warranty to go with it. I prefer to keep my money local, and this company WILL keep your money local here in san antonio. As opposed to sending it to new mexico or some other state or city. Regard, Paul

Robert Torres: 09/12/2016 23:48

One of their idiot employees (or probably the owner himself), called me and left a voicemail insulting me. He was upset that I wouldn't talk to him. I hung up on him multiple times because he called me about an estimate I asked for 4 months ago and never got! My roof has been fixed since May! He left a voicemail saying "Mr. Torres, you keep hanging up on me. You're a woman, not a man. Goodbye". Very professional. Very mature. I will be voicing my complaint on other review sights.

Nick Orozco: 01/20/2016 22:09

Dave helped me out and gave me the best quote in the area, finished in one day, and they guaranteed their work with a labor warranty. Thanks guys!