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djfischer75: 03/24/2017 19:32

I can only say that when I switched to Fresh Air Systems I was extremely happy. It's been about 5 years now and there honesty and service is impeccable. Highly recommend!

Comicbook Fan: 09/06/2016 16:46

Air Fresh System is the company that I would trust not only to care for my family's a/c system at home but to care for the A/C system maintenance needs of my parents. The service that they provide is professional yet friendly as mom and pop owned stores are meant to be. It is a shame that there are too many businesses out in the community where their goals is to sell and provide customers services and equipment upgrade that they do not need. James the rep. showed up to my home immediately and took care of the problem with my a/c 2nd unit not activating. He offered me two options in order to repair this problem and prevent it from occurring in the future. He drew schematics on how the a/c unit functions and what we as the operators need to maintain and be aware to use in order for it to perform at optimal high levels. The lady receiving the call was very potilie and professional also. Just wanted to share my recommendation of their quality of work performed in my home. I will keep them as my first to call when questions and problems arise. GOD bless you Air Fresh System for having a good owner and a honest staff.

Karen Ranney: 06/27/2016 19:27

I went with Fresh Air Systems last year because I felt victimized by another A/C company who always tried to sell me something new or upgrade me in some way. Fresh Air Systems promises not to do that - and they don't. They also provide great service, practical advice, and excellent maintenance of my existing unit. Everyone - from the office staff to the technicians - has been personable, pleasant, and professional. I highly recommend this company.

Robert Boag: 09/05/2014 02:11

Friendly, Honest, and Dependable. They will only sell you what you need to get your issue resolved.