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Derek Clarkson: 05/07/2017 08:36

Baird Foundation Repair is the most honest and caring company I have come across. You will be impressed with the system design specialists, office support, production managers and the crews. Customer Satisfaction is the core belief for the entire company. You will not find a more permanent solution for your foundation issues than those provided by Baird. A++

Victoria Ruiz: 09/21/2016 01:49

Get a SECOND OPINION when using Baird, they came to evaluate my home and said it was off by couple inches, one side was high and the middle was concaved. They quoted us 24,000 and were fast to say we have financing. I get two other company opinions and guess what they say "your house is perfect" I walked around with them they showed me the numbers and the meter kept jumping from 0-1/8". So trust me from my experience get second opinion cause obviously they just tried to Jack us

Dan Jaime: 04/24/2016 20:32

I used goggle to read reviews on foundation companies. I called several companies. Baird was not the first company I called. Our experience with Baird started with a visit from Brain, who did an inspection, and listened to our concerns about the foundation. Before Brain left he was able to give us a plan and price. My wife and I were left in shock at the price. Several weeks went by and we had other companies come out. Brain kept in touch, always in an informative way, not in a sales pitch way. It turned out all companies were recommending the same plan, but the other companies were going to use a different system. Baird was not the cheapest, as I signed the contract, I was still worried that maybe I was making a mistake. I decided that instead of missing work for the full job, I would take the first day off and my father in law would be there for the remainder of the job. I was told there was no need for me to take off work; the foreman could meet with me after hours. I met the foremen, Diego after my workday. After meeting Diego, I felt more at ease with my decision to use Baird. Diego explained what was going to happen, and why their system was better. You could feel that he was proud of this company and of his crew. My father in law opened the house for day two, half way through the day he called and I knew something was wrong. I was incorrect, my father in law was calling to say how wonderful the men were, so professional, hardworking and considerate of our home and of him Getting around the yard and house with a cane was difficult. The crew helped him get around, explaining what they were doing and kept him updated on the progress. My father in law enjoyed his time with the crew; he was even presented a Baird cap. I visited the site one day during my lunch hour and was impressed by the crew; everyone was friendly and informative on what they were doing. Everyone talked with me about how long they had worked with Baird and why it was a good company. I may be old fashion, but the crew was always polite, never heard a bad word, never saw any poor work attitude, One morning, I tried to take the trash out and several of them jumped up and finished taking it to the curb. How does a company find this type of employee? I was present on lift day, and It was quite an experience. Diego informed me that he would be lifting slow, and in sections to protect the home. He had me stay close, showing me what they were doing. Diego had me look at brick lines, and told me to stand here, or bend down her and look at this. In the hours that the crew worked, they lifted the house 4 and ½ inches. At the end of the lift an engineer showed up to inspected the job. Next was clean up, my yard came out looking good. The crew sweep and mopped inside. On Saturday Diego called to make sure my wife and I were happy and if we had any concerns that he could address. The only issue was the mailbox was placed a little lower than original. Diego said they would come out at our convenience and place it at the height we would like. I’m not use to a company doing work after they have received payment. Throughout the process I felt like my family and the Baird crew had bonded. Rusty came by a few times and made sure we were pleased with the job. The owner even called to make sure I was happy with the work. If you’re looking for a recommendation, I can say I was very pleased with the work Baird did and I will recommend them to my friends.

Keith Williams: 04/06/2016 20:32

I believe my review will be lengthy but I hope the information will be extremely helpful. Having my house shift on my foundation 3 times in 3 years requires a little history, all of which happen before I hired Baird Foundation Repair. My house was purchased February 2011 and I thought that visible evidence that the house was leveled by an unknown company gave me some assurance that the foundation was leveled. My house is in an unincorporated area in Bexar County where permits and inspections were not required. My realtor recommended a static leak test after closing on the house and the test failed. I hired the same plumber to tunnel under the house and I discovered in September 2014 that the plumber failed to do repairs in accordance to the plumbing code and solely responsible for my house to shift in the year 2012 and 2014. The foundation company I hired was in business for over 40 years with an A+ rating with BBB. This foundation company used the existing concrete piers to level my house in 2011 and 2012. My life time warranty lasted just over 2 years when I found out that they went out of business What did I learn? Always run a static leak test before buying a house. Never use the contractor the realtor recommends. Make sure the structural engineer provides all options whether recommended or not. Make sure the work is warranted should the contractor go out of business. Never use concrete piers. Always get the work inspected whether one is required or not. I already had a structural and mechanical engineer and my own plumber before hiring Baird Foundation Repair. I presented all bids and materials for my structural engineer to give me an independent recommendation. My engineer recommended Baird Foundation Repair based on the quality of the steel and structural makeup of the pier, the bid provided the most piers to adequately support my foundation, Baird provided a double life time warranty through the manufacture, and the number of years Baird has been in business. The structural soundness of my foundation is the most important part in selecting a contractor to level my house. The crew was great and extremely professional. I was not expecting any miracles when doing a break out in the foundation but one employee surprised me how he was able to salvage some ceramic tile in the kitchen. Customer service on the job site and a continued customer service experience after the job is completed are equally important. I believe Baird Foundation Repair has a great product and if an unfortunate home owner finds the need for such services, choose a leveling company that does it right the first time.

T Taylor: 02/18/2016 19:11

Baird Foundation Repair is by far the best and most professional company we have ever had the pleasure of working with. The good things started with Brian Holt, System Design Specialist, and just kept on getting better. Rusty Fisher, Production Manager is a great communicator and always kept us informed on time schedules, how work was to be done and by whom. The crew, led by Julio and Adan, did excellent work and were always courteous and polite. The cleanup, after the work, was outstanding. This is a family run business that I would highly recommend.