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John B: 04/02/2017 22:18

Came for a job interview. I didn't get the job but I had the opportunity to meet the owner and the staff and they were very professional and seemed like the kind of business that is run right with a focus on customer satisfaction and employees.

Michael Oluoch: 12/13/2016 18:34

Educational roofing company & great service

Gerald Davis: 04/21/2016 05:07

UPDATE: After posting my review online, the owner contacted me directly and was very apologetic. Said he would do anything to make it right. Felt he meant it from a personal perspective more than a money or review side. Obviously there are some things that cannot be corrected now. The manager for my project had been let go soon after my experience. My busy schedule and the weather hasn't allowed everything to be correct yet, but felt I needed to upgrade from 1 to 3 stars in the interim. Mistakes happen, how you handle them is what matters. Very disappointing. Came off as very professional originally. They were the highest quote of the 4 I got so I figured they would be better. I was wrong. 1. Caused hundreds in damage if I were to pay someone to fix. 2. Destroyed my new gutters. I don't have a lot, but they bent up multiple areas and managed to rip out one of the supports. 3. Broke a window they said they would fix, but they didn't. 4. Ripped a screen. 5. Sliced through a nice water hose. 6. Spray painted parts of the roof because they were too lazy to cover the shingles before painting. 7. Been a few months and have found about 30 nails left behind so far. 2 in the driveway. 8. Marks left on the garage doors from the original shingles being thrown down. 9. Wood repair areas between the roof and siding they replaced were not even painted to cover the joints or the nails. 10. Dormer siding was broken off and covered with glue that looks horrible. 11. Never given definite times when they would show up. 12. Took almost a week to finish. 13. 3 months in and the shingles have not leveled out. Maybe because I did this in winter and haven't had a real round of heat, but still doesn't seem right. The only positive I can say is they did a great job at cutting the slots for the ridge vent and filling up the holes from the whirlybirds. Overall, all I can say is initial looks are not everything. Between no communication, the damage and the lack of desire to fix any of of the issues, find a better company.

Crystal Lopez: 03/26/2016 02:44

I have never before heard of a company that charges almost two hundred dollars for an estimate... Their "receptionist" whomever answers the phone lacks people skills. Don't go into a "service" industry if you can't provide service!

Jeff Blalack: 09/13/2015 08:58

I know this owner, and a friend of mine, I dont think the bad review went down like this, times are hard, money is a tool to try to make in a dishonest way. God Bless