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nancy anderson: 12/19/2016 20:14

As a REALTOR I meet and speak with many roofing companies; Paramount Roofing by far is the most thorough, efficient and affordable. They do excellent work, their turn time is wonderful and they are respectful of the job site and always keep it clean and picked up.

Patrick Burke: 08/01/2016 00:06

Paramount Roofing repaired my roof after Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago. The roof they installed on my house has withstood very well and has not leaked. My only problem was a plugged Dryer exhaust vent from excessive lint build up. Paramount sent out a man to Mississippi and he checked the exhaust and remove the excessive lint. This was not a warranty problem or product defect. I now clean my exhaust regularly. I am very pleased with Paramount Roofing! Honest agents who honor their warranty. Thank you.

Craig Tomas: 02/19/2016 19:16

David and the Paramount Roofing crew did an exceptional job re-roofing my home and garage. They also did an excellent job of cleanup after the job was completed. His prices were right in-line with the competition and I selected his company because of the outstanding internet reviews they have received. I would recommend them to anyone who needs roofing services.

Moose Rosenfeld: 11/07/2015 19:11

I have known the owners of Paramount Roofing, Richard & David, for several years. We thought we might have a leak in the roof. I called and David came to the house to check it out. He sent their tech guy, who made minor repairs, sealed where needed, replaced a few missing shingles. We should get another couple of years of service out of our 21 years old roof! It's still in good shape. I appreciated not being told we needed to replace it when it wasn't needed right this minute! Eventually, we will have to replace it and we will use Paramount Roofing! They are a very good company and are locally owned! Thanks again for your help!

Shelly Duell: 01/16/2015 22:59

Correct address is actually: 1146 Sheffield Blvd Ste A, Houston, TX 77015