North Houston Pole Line

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  • Address:1602-, 1606 Margaret St, Houston
  • Phone:(713) 691-3616

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Kevin Beckett: 01/22/2017 20:54

Great work place

Jennifer Blount: 01/14/2017 05:49

On my way to work this afternoon in Norman, OK, I saw a convoy of about 10 trucks heading to the ice storm. God bless these men who risk their lives to help those in need.

Jennifer Burns: 11/15/2016 19:49

Yesterday on 45 south and the beltway there was a large truck hauling some equipment. This truck was with the company. I even took pictures since my husband as driving our car. Two workers riding in the truck but the driver was texting and driving non stop. He weaved in and out of lanes more times then I could count. Almost ran multiple ppl off the road including my family. It's pathetic that idiots think a text is more inportant then other people's lives around them.

Dawn Aguilera: 09/02/2016 02:18

Workers are very rude. I asked them not to park their machines on my property but continued to do so. They broke the lock on the gate and now deny it and will not close the gate at the end of the day when they leave. I have contacted the company that contracted them hopefully something will happen. Glad I have no need for them.