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Jessica Whittington: 01/12/2017 23:49

After water damage from a bad contractor renovation in our master bathroom, we had to rip up our laminate and carpet the weeks before Christmas 2016! We hired Metro Floors to install luxury vinyl planks. It was an awesome experience. Mr. Eddie was extremely friendly, available and responsive. They had an amazing turnover time and got it all done before the new year! Great, competitive pricing. Good selections. Great experience. Will definitely do business in the future.

PeeDee wright: 07/14/2016 20:22

I signed a contract with Metro Flooring's salesman Mark to upgrade my kitchen. They were to repaint my cabinets, (they attempted to repaint the cabinets over the obvious flaws without sanding them out! I said NO sand them and they tried to hand sand over 15 doors so on the second or third day I asked "don't you have a sanding power tool"?. They bought one. I had wallpaper in the kitchen and they were to paint but the painter suggested removing the paper, I though great idea..ok remove it BUT the salesman said it would cost me more..WHAT? Did he not know when we agreed in the contract that it could be a problem painting over wallpaper? I would not agree to the BAIT AND SWITCH attempt!! Wallpaper was removed and painting started but there is an additional cost to texture the walls. WHAT? Did he not know to explain all the details of this project before I signed? I did not agree to this bait and switch effort! There are (were) many more problems..some I am stuck with like the paint on the leg of my kitchen table! Paint stains on the refrigerator. There were paint puddles everywhere which was corrected after I complained but wouldn't a professional painter see these errors? In my opinion the painter/s, electrician and even the plumber were just handymen! I asked and none of them had State Licences...This projected 2 week project lasted over one month! No - I will not hire them again nor recommend them and that's the reason I am taking more of my time to note this review.........there has been no follow-up calls from the owner either.

Lhuree Grace McKinnon: 07/03/2016 00:41

Eddie was excellent to work with! He addressed our concerns immediately and with a kind and respectful manner. He also gave us the best price for all that we wanted which was new floors and a new kitchen countertop. I would definitely recommend this company. The only reason I didn't give them five stars was because there was a misunderstanding on the woodlike tile placement. They put down the tile as if they were real wood so they were not aligned as they would be if they were placed in like tile. But, they came in and fixed for us. It was a relief working with this company especially after being flooded and dealing with a skitchy contractor.

Chip Belcher: 03/29/2016 22:37

Metro flooring did a great job on our master bathroom. All custom job on the shower and vanity. I will be using them again on future projects.

T Wiggs: 03/27/2016 11:38

Adbul and Mazen are awesome! Putting the customer FIRST is their number priority. They transformed our eyesore of a kitchen into a truly magnificent part of our home. My wife and I are really happy with the results. In the midst of the project we decided to make some changes and additions. They worked with us to ensure that we were comfortable and happy with what we were getting. They went above and beyond our expectations!! Great customer service and treatment at a reasonable price. I look forward to working with them on our other home projects in the future.