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Rida Khan: 10/06/2014 22:48

Women named linda answers phone for this business. Super assy attitude. puts another lady on the phone who is supposedly a manager, even more bitchy.. how do people stay in business with this kind of attitude. Please Let me explain why i called. i bought my house little over a year ago brand new. water heater went out. builder gave me information for this business, i called them. without letting me finish she says oh your "control Valve" is bad. nobody can come today. somebody will come tomorrow pay him $100 and he will change your control valve. I asked how do u know Control valve is the problem? she said they been getting numerous calls on it. its a bad part so we are having to change them out. so i asked if its a bad part and the company knows its a bad part why should we pay $100? she then transfers me to someone's voicemail. i called back with my question cause obviously a voicemail doesnt answer questions. she tells me.. dont call here again with your stupid questions. SERIOUSLY?