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Clarissa Chien: 03/07/2017 01:51

We have a pier and beam rental property with foundation issues. I have spent a year to look for a good foundation company with reasonable price. I got at least 10 quotes. The Dura Pier is not the cheapest one, but Mr. Davis is the most professional one. He was the only one really took time to look very detailed went through the whole property and very patient to explain everything to me. I am happy I chose their company. The job was done on time. When they went through underneath the building, they found the plumbing leak and report very detailed back to me. Gave me more idea and helped me save some money on plumbing fixed. After they done the job, they clean up very good. I like their professional team and service. I would recommend them.

Jack Phillips: 08/27/2016 06:10

Our home in Crosby is on three adjacent concrete slabs interconnected by a super structure. We spent three months taking estimates from several companies to have the entire home raised a minimum of two feet due to flooding concerns. Some companies honestly admitted the job was more than they could handle. A couple of well known companies in the Houston area came out and made their pitch that they were interested and would provide an estimate, but we never heard back from them. Dura Pier was not the lowest bid we received, but we were more interested in quality of work than going with the lowest bidder. None of the companies spent as much time with us explaining in detail what services they offered. Dura Pier was the only company that offered a turn key project that included disconnecting the electrical, water, and sewer then reconnecting. Contracting electricians and plumbers to perform those services alone would run into the thousands. Beginning on day one the large crew arrived in three large trucks on time to begin work. The total job took eight weeks and I do not recall a single day they were late arriving. Crews even worked in the rain and only temporarily stopped when lightening was present. When the danger of lightening passed they resumed work. The crews worked a strict schedule on site of 8AM - 5PM. The crews and foreman were friendly and answered any questions as the job progressed. We paid extra for tunneling under the main house and elected to have break throughs in the covered patio and three car garage. The patches over the break throughs are nice with a smooth level finish and are squared off. They are not readily noticeable. I am writing this review four months after the job ended and we couldn't be happier. Raising the home caused a few minor cracks in some sheetrock seams, but those were expected and can be easily repaired. The tile flooring in the kitchen, dining area, and entry way survived intact to our surprise. The best thing was during the entire eight weeks, we were only out of the house for two overnight stays at a nearby hotel during the actual raising because the sewer and water lines had to be disconnected. We never lost power to the living area so during the day we were in the house while it was being raised. When the house is being slowly raised it is an erie feeling and the sounds it makes can be somewhat disconcerting. We contacted Mr. Carter Davis twice by e-mail with questions during the raising and he replied both times on the same day. The last thing I will mention is the original estimate provided by Mr. Carter Davis was rock solid. There were no hidden costs and the job did not exceed the estimate by a single penny. I would highly recommend that any homeowner considering having their home raised contact Dura Pier to see what services they provide.

Steve Alders: 11/15/2014 08:42

I have known Carter for many years and have known him to be a man of integrity and trustworthy in any dealings I have had with him. That says much about the man and I would trust him to do the best possible job on any foundation work that he agreed to do for me or anyone else. Dura Pier Foundation Repair has won the BBB Award of Excellence 3 years in a row, and last year won the Pinnacle Award which also speaks of the work ethic of the company. If I needed foundation work, I would call him and be confident that the work would be done correctly. Steve Alders.

Jeff Peters: 11/13/2014 09:06

Carter is a personal friend and good Christian man with high standards and a commitment to integrity and honesty. I would not hesitate to have Dura Pier repair my foundation as he has many years experience and a desire to make sure it is done right. Jeff Peters

Eric Shaffer: 08/23/2014 03:47

My experience with Dura Pier was excellent. I have used them three times. They were fast and professional. The estimator was great at explaining what the problem was and how to fix it. The crew did great work. Most of all they kept everything clean and put everything back in its place. I own several rental properties and will use them again when I need foundation work.