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Joe Coli: 02/20/2013 19:04

Do NOT use him. The owner is Carlos Diaz. He also uses the name A-Better Appliance Repair. I wished I did a Google search or reviews prior to callling them. I wanted to use a local repairman. His subcontractors came and attempted to fix my washer but put the wrong parts. He used a generic ignitor rather than the proper brand for my dryer. It never worked. I called numerous times to try to get them to fix it properly, but there were always no show, excuses, or he wouldn't answer my calls. I found another repairman and he told me it was just the wrong part installed. Carlos promised to refund me. Never has. Doesn't answer my calls. He told me his business is doing badly and didn't have the money. I told him he could pay me back slowly, but still has not. I've been trying to contact him over and over again, but no answers. His answering service says they can just leave a message for him. I'm out $500. Will probably file at small claims courts. After doing numerous searches, Carlos Diaz has many many bad reviews.

erica dugat: 06/26/2012 08:20

I give them a little credit for coming out on a Sunday. The guy came in after our outside fan stopped blowing. After about 30 minutes of fiddling with random stuff, he came in and told us we had a blowout and we need the whole thing replaced. It would cost us $4200. I was NOT happy about the cost, but I thanked him and told him we would call him back if we decided to go with a new unit. I must add that he did not specify the ac unit that would be replacing ours or anything. The estimate he wrote down was very nonspecific and I got EXTREMELY specific information from the other companies, which I thought was a little strange. I spent all night and some of the morning looking up stuff on the internet trying to find a way to troubleshoot the problem. I finally found out that if I just push the fan before I start the ac, the unit would work just fine. This lead me to a final conclusion that I needed to replace the capacitor. Which I did. By myself. For $46.73. I got the part at Century AC in Humble. It ended up being more than that and I had some more quotes. They ranged between 3800 and 4800 for the replacement of the whole entire thing. It ended up I only needed the outside unit replaced, which I got a 2200 quote on. I guess I will just be doing that since it's easier on my pocketbook.