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Spencer Stott: 04/25/2017 21:58

Great job by Erik! Already knew what the problem was over the phone and brought the part needed and fixed it right away!

Bob Googlin: 03/03/2017 19:39

I was surprised to see some of the negative reviews. I have shopped around and have been bent over by Abacus, ARS and other so called Houston name brand AC companies so I gave ACS a chance. I have used ACS for the last 3 years because my 9 year old system needs something different to fix about every year. In the past ACS has replaced my coil, computer board and capacitor. As of late I have had to replace my blower motor. That part alone could have cost me close to a $1,000 but ACS caught the part under warranty and saved me BIG TIME. These guys are honest and professional and I recommend them. I don't use a home warranty. I have not had a good experience with that sort of coverage. They use cheap replacement parts and service. Most of the whiners on here are getting hosed by their coverage and blaming ACS and that is NOT COOL pun intended.

Barbara Wegner: 01/14/2017 23:40

Carlos from ACS was awesome. We have a zoned system which, due to overload, was locked up. We could not get the air or the furnace to work. He reset the system and now they both work perfectly. He said it may have been the power surge we recently had when our power went on and off a few times, it could have damaged the control panel but suggested that we should just wait and see if this was a one off. He explained that we have options if it continues to happen, one cheap, one expensive. He did not try to sell us something we don't currently need. He was very professional and pleasant, we had a great conversation with him! I would have no hesitation in calling ACS in the future!

Teresa Goodwin: 11/05/2016 22:26

Our AC compressor went out 2 weeks ago. ...we called our "Home Warranty " American Home Shield . It takes 3 days to receive a call at 4pm saying the only time available is the next day 8-10. Everyone in my house has to work. ...can see us the day after tomorrow but can't give a time. Technician shows up. ....confirm the compressor is out.....mind you it blew ALL FREON OUT.....and tells me I have no leaks?? Says coils are bad, but will only replace the compressor. Takes another hot week to finally show up. ...charging $675 for freon....never checks for leaks in coils once work is done..." that's not our job, we here just to install part"......AND when invoice for service repair and receipt of payment requested, can't provide. ....will be emailed Monday! Service guys not speaking clear English and barely communicate! We shall see if it is fixed!!!!! Not happy with service, only used them because of AHS and like most people. ...don't have the $6000 to put out at once for total replacement!

Richard Light: 07/29/2016 23:19

I called ACS this morning and the technician, Billy, arrived at noon to clear a blocked drain line. He found 2 blocked and cleared those and treated the remaining 2 with bleach. He worked quickly and did a good job. This is the second time I have used ACS and have had good experiences both times.