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Jana Cavanaugh: 05/02/2017 21:42

Had great experience with this company. The owner and staff are excellent. They made this a easy process and explained everything. I definitely recommend them!

Gerald Lasco: 04/01/2017 17:57

BEWARE! I just lost a day of work waiting for the owner, Gary Johnson, who provides a window from 10a-2p for him to show up and discuss the project. I called the office at 1.45 and asked if he'd be making it today and the receptionist told me that "he's a very busy man and runs a big company" but she would call him and get right back to me. She never called back. I thought that this could just be an anomaly so I called her back later and she told me that he was a day or two behind this week because of rain. Ok, that happens, but how about a curtesy call for those that were on his schedule? I took a day off work to sit at my house waiting for this guy. Then, to put salt in the wound, he has the arrogance to leave a VM for me that says "This is not a doctors apt., we always run late" and, believe it or not, he finished with "we are overbooked and overwhelmed." Well, I'm underwhelmed and unfortunately feel it's my duty to warn others.

Philippe Letellier: 03/25/2017 17:29

I have had my pool re-plastered about 6 months ago. I waited that long for a review as I did not want to hurry on a judgement. Gary has been faithful to his commitments in terms of quality and price. Six months after the work, I would definitively recommend AAA Pool Plastering for their work.

Kathy Crago: 08/11/2016 06:47

I had been debating for years whether or not to remodel my pool with this company. I originally contacted them back in November of 2012 and they came out and estimated my pool for free.. And sent me my estimate the next day. They were very prompt. and the office staff and the especially the owner (Gary Johnson) was very professional and cordial and polite. I was financially struggling at the time and called them back to let them know I appreciated the time they took to work with me but I couldn't afford it at the moment. They were very understanding and even worked with me and offered to come down on the prices for the job. I still wasn't financially able to accept the generous reduction so I asked them to keep my estimate in their records and when I was ready financially to move forward I would contact them. I finally got around to calling them this March of 2016 and they still had my original estimate from years ago. Long story short I had a more than pleasant experience with them, they came out again just to re check the measurements and started the job within the next two days and finished by the end of the week. They gave me an extended warranty on the original white plaster Which is usually only 3 years manufactured warranty and they were absolutely amazing and listened to my every demand (I'm very indecisive so I kept changing my tile and plaster selections) they also gave me referrals and previous home owners numbers and addresses so I could go out and see the collective choices together. As well as the office staff I believe her name was Brittany. She sat on the phone with me for what seemed like 2 hours helping me navigate to the website where I could look up tile and coping samples and see pictures and gave me her personal opinion of what selections enhanced and worked well together. They were just so good to me, and represented the best customer service I've had in a very long time! I would never go back and change the experience I had with AAA nor go anywhere else for this type of work! My pool is GORGEOUS, they exceeded my expectations on punctuality, cleanup, and even helping me understand the aftercare and maintenance. I HIGHLY recommend if you want to work with a small business that is very personable and respects their customers give them a call!!

Mark Scott: 07/23/2016 04:59

I do NOT recommend this company. My opinion is based on the owner (Gary Johnson) representing things to us as though we should just accept them as OK when in fact they were NOT! First issue was that chipped tile and sharp edges were installed. Gary indicated we should just accept the chipped tiles and advised that the particular tile we chose always chipped. His firm sold us the tile (why sell a bad product?) yet no disclosure was made about the potential for chipping. The company removed most of the chipped tile and replaced it - but we were made to feel as though we were expecting too much. In the process I wound up getting out my tile saw and cutting the tile to prove up that it was the use of a dull blade by the tile crew that caused the excess chipping. What kind of company has crews that continue a job with poor quality? One that has the owner act put out when we insisted it be corrected! In the end the plaster was not placed fully around the light fixture in the spa nor one of the jets. The result is there are visible gaps that should not be there. Gary indicated that was the way the pool was before. Clearly it was not! Needless to say he has not fixed it and we are not happy. They did not clean up well - our coping needs a good cleaning now. As though we had not had enough tension between us Gary then just charged the balance to our credit card without our authorization. He claimed it was an honest mistake but his story catches him out as he charged the card the day before he had authority and claimed it was on the day after. In the end I do not recommend this firm as we believe they are dishonest and performed poorly.