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Contractor in Perry, Ohio
1. Marut & Sons Excavating
Address: 3332 Blackmore Rd, Perry
2. Beach Excavating
Address: 4709 N Ridge Rd, Perry
3. Northeast Masonry Inc
Address: 2885 Niagra Ave, Perry
4. James Martin Contractors Services
Address: 3649 Lane Rd Ext # 301, Perry
5. J G Hahl & Co
Address: 4025 River Rd, Perry
6. Paramount Construction and Contracting
Address: 3253 River Rd #201, Perry
7. Natural Wonders Landscape
Address: 4495 N Ridge Rd, Perry
8. E. Dake LTD, The Plumbing & Heating Doctors
Address: 3717 N Ridge Rd, Perry
9. DD Mitchell Construction
Address: 3655 LANE RD EXT STE 407, Perry
10. ARW Contracting Inc
Address: 4965 Davis Rd, Perry
11. Desborough Construction
Address: 3335 Teresa Ct, Perry
12. SFI Electrical Contractors
Address: 4304 Maple St, Perry
13. R & D Heating & Sheet Metal
Address: 3200 Blackmore Rd, Perry

Best comments in Perry,OH

  • Marut & Sons Excavating

    I was given short notice to get a quote on a septic for the closing of a home and they were friendly, prompt, and extremely professional. I appreciate their quick response and ability to email me a quote. Thank you.

    3332 Blackmore Rd, Perry
  • Marut & Sons Excavating

    I used Marut to dig my basement and install my septic system 15 years ago, and it still works perfect. Great job on both jobs. I have used them since for several projects, always do what they say, sometimes for less than the original quoted price! ...

    3332 Blackmore Rd, Perry
  • Beach Excavating

    very friendly and helpful, I bought fill dirt, gravel and mulch and they were great. and they carry red wing shoes, my pair has gone through so much and the soles are still good.

    4709 N Ridge Rd, Perry
  • Beach Excavating

    Buy all my concrete statues there. We also buy mulch and fill dirt there.Yvonne is very helpful. Dick and his son came to our rescue when our master bedroom flooded. Dana Daughters who we spent several thousand dollars did not install the drainage ri...

    4709 N Ridge Rd, Perry
  • Natural Wonders Landscape

    3 years and everything is as beautiful as the first day.

    4495 N Ridge Rd, Perry
  • E. Dake LTD, The Plumbing & Heating Doctors

    I used E. Dake for a plumbing job that came up after another plumbing service came in way too high-priced for the job. E. Dake did the job at price I felt was fair, while the other company was more than double the price. E. Dake does quality plumbi...

    3717 N Ridge Rd, Perry