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Contractor in Ostrander, Ohio
1. Lucerne Farms Firewood
Address: 662 OH-257, Ostrander
2. Parkfield Insulation Services Inc
Address: 14000 US-42, Ostrander
3. Envisions Landscape Constr
Address: 100 White Barn Pkwy, Ostrander
4. Finnegan Landscaping
Address: 8078 Penn Rd, Ostrander
5. Vititoe Construction
Address: Ostrander
6. Mark Benson Construction Inc
Address: Ostrander
7. Robins Custom Exteriors
Address: 3362 Morey Rd, Ostrander
8. Shelly Materials
Address: 8328 Watkins Rd, Ostrander
9. Northwood Stone & Asphalt Co
Address: 8328 Watkins Rd, Ostrander
10. Cdk Structures
Address: 4600 Mitchell Ln, Ostrander
11. Westport Homes
Address: 101 White Barn Pkwy, Ostrander
12. BKM Construction
Address: 17978 Delaware County Line Rd, Ostrander

Best comments in Ostrander,OH

  • Lucerne Farms Firewood

    I moved into a new home recently with a wood burning fireplace. When looking for quality seasoned firewood I found Lucerne Farms. Ted delivered my first load the same day I called. All their wood is seasoned for 2 years and is not random wood. Th...

    662 OH-257, Ostrander
  • Robins Custom Exteriors

    Buyer Beware! Robin did not complete the job that was listed on the contract. Initial purposal was not itemized, so when the job was begun he had to take more time to complete the job because he did not measure correctly. Therefore, it took more ...

    3362 Morey Rd, Ostrander
  • Shelly Materials

    Nice facility

    8328 Watkins Rd, Ostrander
  • Shelly Materials

    Price was right, staff friendly and helpful. The pit is a little overwhelming if you haven't been down there before.

    8328 Watkins Rd, Ostrander