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Contractor in Newark, Ohio
1. Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 228 E Main St, Newark
2. Martin Systems Inc
Address: 341 W Church St, Newark
3. Rhino Builders
Address: 18600 Marne Rd, Newark
4. Backus Heating and Cooling
Address: 49 N 26th St, Newark
5. Wright Lindsay Co Inc
Address: 2555 Dutch Ln NW, Newark
6. Linn Concrete
Address: 1363 E Main St #410, Newark
7. Jutlew Co
Address: 36 Waterworks Rd, Newark
8. Evans Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 1060 W Main St, Newark
9. Focused Roofing Solutions LTD
Address: 650 Mc Kinley Ave, Newark
10. Church Street Floor Coverings
Address: 595 W Church St, Newark
11. Universal Veneer Mill Corporation
Address: 1776 Tamarack Rd, Newark
12. Angeletti Overhead Door Co
Address: 20 Anthony Dr, Newark
13. Rainbow International
Address: 39 Anthony Dr, Newark
14. Litten Plumbing Heating & Excavating
Address: 15 E National Dr # A, Newark
15. A-1 Poured Walls Co
Address: 6630 Fallsburg Rd NE, Newark
16. Watson General Contracting
Address: 7868 Licking Springs Rd, Newark
17. Albyn's Landscape & Nursery Inc
Address: 11512 Marne Rd, Newark
Work: 09:00-17:00
18. Lintz Land Design
Address: 1576 Jamestown Ct, Newark
19. Hopewell Builders Co Inc
Address: 1073 Joann Ct, Newark
20. CPR/1st Response
Address: 242 O'Bannon Ave, Newark
21. Jeff Waters Construction, LLC
Address: 275 N 21st St, Newark
22. Hitch General Contractors
Address: 25 Forry St, Newark
23. Accent Roofing
Address: 2190 Lundy's Lane Rd NW, Newark
24. Granville Heating & Cooling
Address: 9037 North St, Newark
Work: 07:00-22:00
25. Aire-Flo Corporation
Address: 180 Hudson Ave, Newark
26. KMA Electric and Heating & Cooling - Newark
Address: 1755 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark
27. Nice Carpets
Address: 1441 Fallsburg Rd NE, Newark
28. Preffered Building Supply LLC
Address: 692 Mc Kinley Ave, Newark
29. Inviromental Trenching
Address: 182 Westgate Dr NE, Newark
30. Magnum Heating & Cooling
Address: 1960 Dutch Ln NE, Newark
31. Quality Stone Inc
Address: 572 N Cedar St, Newark
32. Bob Romine Roofing & Construction
Address: 111 E Main St, Newark
33. Advanced Construction & Remodeling
Address: PO Box 235, Newark
34. Browning Heating & Cooling Llc
Address: Newark
35. KBI Construction
Address: 1474 Highpoint Dr, Newark
36. Lem-Aire Heating & Cooling
Address: 381 Andover St, Newark
37. A & B Fence
Address: 831 Buckeye Ave, Newark
38. Southgate Corporation
Address: 1499 W Main St, Newark
39. Ellinger & Son Landscaping
Address: 119 Brentwood Dr NE, Newark
40. Davis Dozer Services
Address: 10690 Butler Rd NE, Newark
41. NewCastle Custom Homes
Address: 11043 Lambs Ln, Newark
42. Shumaker Roofing Inc of Newark
Address: 833 Buckeye Ave, Newark
43. KMA Service Excavating & Truck
Address: 6741 North St NW, Newark
44. Ratai Builders Inc
Address: 76 Fairfield Dr, Newark
45. Mc Nichols Roofing & Siding
Address: 4179 Price Rd, Newark
46. Sherman's Recycling Services
Address: 1001 E Main St, Newark
47. L & K Concrete Sawing Inc
Address: 14728 Wolford Rd NE, Newark
48. Triple H Enterprises
Address: 635 Mc Kinley Ave, Newark
49. Gutridge Plumbing Inc
Address: 88 S 2nd St, Newark
50. D & G Poured Walls Inc
Address: 4420 Newton Rd NE, Newark
51. Cleary Building Corp.
Address: 1285 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark
52. Myers Pool Co
Address: 993 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark
53. Luikart Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Address: 358 Wilson St, Newark
54. Layton Inc
Address: 169 Dayton Rd NE, Newark
55. Journey Home Real Estate
Address: 2205 W High St NE # B, Newark
56. Redesigned Spaces
Address: Newark
Work: 11:00-16:00
57. A.R.M. Building Services LLC
Address: 138 Union St, Newark
58. Hindell Heating & Cooling
Address: 680 W Church St, Newark
59. Compasspoint Ohio Group
Address: 1432 Moloviste Ave, Newark
60. Mitchell Systems
Address: 1614 Crystal Ct # H, Newark
61. Claggett & Sons Inc
Address: 3396 Sharon Valley Rd NE, Newark
62. Citizen Construction Group
Address: 7593 Lake Dr, Newark
63. Tru Seal Asphalt
Address: 1465 E Main St, Newark
64. Jerry Mcclain Construction Co
Address: 29 W Locust St, Newark
65. Floor Connections LLC
Address: 4646 Fallsburg Rd NE, Newark
66. Wiegand Roofing LLC
Address: 2637 Mt Vernon Rd, Newark
67. North Central Insulation
Address: 995 Brice St, Newark
68. Mini Mix Inc
Address: 5313 Purity Rd NE, Newark
69. Buckeye Interiors
Address: 702B S Main St, Newark
70. Aladdin Lawn Care
Address: 1266 Sherwood Downs E, Newark
71. Shriver Construction & Remodeling
Address: 299 W Locust St, Newark
72. Shaw Mechanical
Address: 161 Dayton Rd, Newark
73. First Impression Concrete
Address: 390 Tigre Dr, Newark
74. Shonebarger General Llc
Address: 477 Gleneagles Dr, Newark
75. Gary Romine Roofing Inc
Address: Newark
76. Samson Concrete
Address: 801 Hollander St, Newark
77. Lo Debar Inc
Address: 2899 Sportsman Club Rd NW, Newark
78. Bernard Samberson Jr. Concrete & Excavating LLC
Address: 169 N Vernon Ave, Newark
79. Buckeye Ready-Mix
Address: 2000 W Main St, Newark
80. Houston Plumbing & Heating, Inc
Address: 724 Montgomery Rd NE, Newark
81. David P Grigsby Const Co Inc
Address: 55 Sandalwood Dr, Newark
82. Spring Meadow Fencing Co
Address: 6300 Donn Rd NE, Newark
83. AdvantaClean of East Central Ohio
Address: 63 N 30th St, Newark
84. W C Buildings
Address: 711 Swans Rd NE, Newark
85. Caveman Concrete Ltd
Address: 15272 Trentwood Dr, Newark

Best comments in Newark,OH

  • Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

    Gregg was fantastic. He diagnosed the issue and fixed it very quickly. We had another company out for 4 hours and they didn't have a clue. Call Dor Mar and ask for him. Go Colts!!

    228 E Main St, Newark
  • Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

    Outstanding crew came out friday to install central air conditioner and replace heat exchanger on the furnace. They did a wonderful job and were very knowledgeable and I would recommend them to anyone.

    228 E Main St, Newark
  • Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

    Dor-mar Heating came this morning to install a new heating system in our home. They were so professional. Very polite, very clean and respectful. They seemed knowledgeable about the system they were installing and I felt comfortable with them in our ...

    228 E Main St, Newark
  • Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

    Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning just finished installing a new furnace in my home. The 2 technicians that came out (Brandon S. & Chris D.) were very polite, informative and gave excellent customer service. They not only cleaned under the old unit,...

    228 E Main St, Newark
  • Dor Mar Heating & Air Conditioning

    great experience with sales, technicians and follow up after installation of air conditioner and furnace. very professional company as they email you a picture of the technician coming out to service you. I had both an air Conditioner and furnace i...

    228 E Main St, Newark
  • Evans Heating & Air Conditioning

    We trusted Evan's Heating to help us with our heat pump in a professional manner. We contacted them on January 5 because our heat pump started an error code and was not working properly. Evan's instructed us to put our system on emergency heat. It to...

    1060 W Main St, Newark