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Contractor in Montville, Ohio
1. Precision Blasting Services
Address: 6990 Summers Rd, Montville
2. Eagle Ridge Contracting
Address: 8595 Plank Rd, Montville
3. Shepp Electric Co
Address: 9755 Plank Rd, Montville
4. Winter & Lewis Excavating
Address: 16150 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy, Montville

Best comments in Montville,OH

  • Shepp Electric Co

    Way overpriced! I called another Generac dealer from Espyville and got friendlier service and they installed my Generator for hundreds less than Shepp. I'd shop around these guys are a rip off!

    9755 Plank Rd, Montville
  • Shepp Electric Co

    Shepp Electric is the only company I trust to work on my home. The whole team is professional and caring. You can count on Mr. Shepp and his team to take the absolute best care of your electrical needs and home. Thank you Shepp Electric!

    9755 Plank Rd, Montville