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Contractor in Minerva, Ohio
1. D & D Insulation Co
Address: 22202 Township Line Rd, Minerva
2. Regal Metal Products Co
Address: 3615 Union Ave SE, Minerva
3. TNT Construction
Address: 1008 Arbor Rd NE, Minerva
4. Milla Construction Systems
Address: 8704 Knox-School Rd, Minerva
5. Keister Plumbing & Heating Inc
Address: 1215 Aurora Rd NE, Minerva
6. Pole Barns Direct
Address: 2212 Fox Ave SE, Minerva
7. JB Commercial Roofing
Address: 2745 Fox Ave NE, Minerva
8. Phillips Property Maintenance
Address: St SE, 404 Almeda Ave, Minerva
9. Nature Scapes
Address: 3641 Paris Ave SE, Minerva
10. A Better Well By Greg Rogers
Address: PO Box 371, Minerva
11. Clapper & Co
Address: Minerva
12. Summitville Tile Inc
Address: 1310 Alliance Rd NW, Minerva
13. TC Randal Construction LLC
Address: 1106 Bellflower Rd NW, Minerva
14. Ray Electric
Address: 2880 Cheri Don Dr SE, Minerva
15. Dutchcraft Truss & Metal Inc.
Address: 2212 Fox Ave SE, Minerva
16. Green America Landscapes
Address: 9365 Rochester Rd, Minerva
17. Lehigh Concrete
Address: 13171 Baywood St SE, Minerva
18. Midwest Modular Homes
Address: 1041 E Lincolnway, Minerva
19. Kepcor
Address: 215 Bridge St, Minerva

Best comments in Minerva,OH

  • D & D Insulation Co

    They were great!! Very friendly and personable. They did a great job and it cost exactly how much he said it would in the quote...no surprises!! Would definitely recommend!

    22202 Township Line Rd, Minerva
  • Pole Barns Direct

    I needed to build a pole barn on my property and needed a contractor that was registered with the Summit County Building Department (big government is great...). The building department provided me with two names - one visited my site but did not pr...

    2212 Fox Ave SE, Minerva
  • Summitville Tile Inc

    Awesome place

    1310 Alliance Rd NW, Minerva
  • Summitville Tile Inc

    The brick came originally all broken. We had to reject the delivery. Then once the new delivery came, we were charged a liftgate fee, which they said they would take care of... that has not happened, and I have been put in the position of nagging the...

    1310 Alliance Rd NW, Minerva
  • Midwest Modular Homes

    Really bad experience with Midwest Homes the house came with no thermostat in middle of cold season, after they installed the thermostat anyway didn't work ,was kipping flipping the braker, and caused extensive water demage.. Till this day the furna...

    1041 E Lincolnway, Minerva
  • Midwest Modular Homes

    Our Company [Tri-County Electrical Systems] has been doing work for them for over 30 years. They have always treated us fairly, paid their bills on time and operated with principles of integrity. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for qu...

    1041 E Lincolnway, Minerva