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Contractor in Milford, Ohio
1. American Insulation Technologies
Address: 6071 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Milford
2. K & K Quality Painting
Address: Milford
3. Patriot Industrial Contracting
Address: 200 Olympic Dr, Milford
4. Mastercraft Poured Foundations
Address: 1335 US-50, Milford
5. All Around Joe LLC
Address: 5946 Woodspoint Dr. Milford, Milford
6. Potterhill Homes
Address: 5400 Dupont Cir, Milford
7. Ryan Homes at Pine Bluffs
Address: 1485 Pine Bluff Way, Milford
Work: 13:00-18:00
8. Icon Environmental Group, LLC
Address: 24 Whitney Dr d, Milford
9. Kapital Roofing
Address: 5991 Meijer Dr #14, Milford
10. Cutting Edge Flooring
Address: 773 US-50, Milford
11. Pro Desk at The Home Depot
Address: 1094 OH-28, Milford
Work: 06:00-22:00
12. Brewer Co
Address: 1354 US-50, Milford
13. Pinnacle Paving & Sealing, Inc.
Address: 793 Round Bottom Rd, Milford
14. Kassner Landscaping Inc
Address: Milford
15. Cobb Tree and Stump
Address: 5858 Monassas Run Rd, Milford
16. HNH Homes
Address: 5823 Needleleaf Dr, Milford
17. Great Oak Construction
Address: 931 OH-28 #116, Milford
18. The V Collective
Address: 21 Whitney Dr, Milford
19. Hacker & Jones Blacktoppers
Address: Milford
20. Midwest Construction
Address: 750 Main St, Milford
21. Advanced Mechanical Insulators LLC
Address: 6071 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Milford
22. Sardinia Concrete
Address: 911 US-50, Milford
23. Tribble Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 5679 Buckwheat Rd, Milford
24. Endeavor Construction
Address: 977 OH-28, Milford
25. Beck Heating & Air Condtng
Address: 5788 Meadowview Dr, Milford
26. Crockett Home Improvement, LLC
Address: Milford
27. Ryan Homes
Address: Wittmer Meadows Dr, Milford
28. Integrity 1st Roofing
Address: 5780 Cook Rd e, Milford
29. PDQ Pole Buildings
Address: 805 US Hwy 50, Milford
30. Exteriors Unlimited Inc.
Address: 1364 St. Rt. 131, Milford
31. Gem Interiors
Address: 769 US-50, Milford
32. Bluford Jackson & Son Hardwood Floors
Address: 910 US-50, Milford
33. Richard Shannon's Painting, Flooring and Remodeling, LLC
Address: 6071 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Milford
34. Superior Homes, Inc.
Address: 1237 OH-28, Milford
35. Jamie Fox Landscaping
Address: 5500 Enterprise Dr, Milford
36. Holland Roofing Spd
Address: 5293 Tech Valley Dr, Milford
37. Hammonds Hardwood Floor Co
Address: 864 Garfield Ave, Milford
38. Zeilman-James Homes, Inc
Address: 977 OH-28, Milford
Work: 12:00-16:00
39. Design Rite Sprinkler Company
Address: 5991 Meijer Dr # 15, Milford
40. Kapital Construction
Address: 5991 Meijer Dr # 14, Milford
41. Clark Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Address: 28 Glendale Milford Rd, Milford
42. Michaelson Homes LLC
Address: 411 Main St, Milford
43. McCracken Trucking & Excavating Inc
Address: 16 Glendale Milford Rd, Milford
44. Perkins / Carmack Construction LLC
Address: 29 High St, Milford
45. Gemini Swimming Pools & Supplies
Address: 1366 OH-131, Milford
46. C & A Construction LLC
Address: 5658 Mellie Ln, Milford
47. JWH Excavating-Fire Protection
Address: 1882 OH-131, Milford
48. Zebra Line Striping Inc
Address: 5994 Scotch Pine Dr, Milford
49. CEO Heating & Cooling L.L.C.
Address: 5478 Dry Run Rd, Milford
50. Alma Granite
Address: 110 Wooster Pike, Milford
51. House Doctors Corporate Office
Address: 400 Techne Center Dr #101, Milford

Best comments in Milford,OH

  • American Insulation Technologies

    Very professional crew. Tarped all walkways and covered as much as was possible. Clean up was thorough as well. Thank you

    6071 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Milford
  • American Insulation Technologies

    We have worked with AIT on several jobs! Chris and Peggy are a delight to work with! Everything done on the spot, Never late and always try to coordinate with our schedule. They are prompt with their estimates and prompt with the work that they do! A...

    6071 Branch Hill-Guinea Pike, Milford
  • All Around Joe LLC

    Very professional. Will definitely call them again.

    5946 Woodspoint Dr. Milford, Milford
  • Potterhill Homes

    We always wanted geo thermal heat and other energy efficient options but the cost was not effective. Potterhill Homes offers these options at a price that made them a no brainer! Thank You for making GREEN realistic!

    5400 Dupont Cir, Milford
  • Potterhill Homes

    I am retired from the US Army. During my lifetime, because of service tours I moved many times and as a result bought and sold several primary residences, including new construction. I have never been so delighted, as I have been with my buyer experi...

    5400 Dupont Cir, Milford
  • Kapital Roofing

    Great team and friendly staff !

    5991 Meijer Dr #14, Milford