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Contractor in Middlefield, Ohio
1. Phelps Creek Wood Works
Address: 9445 OH-534, Middlefield
2. Glacier Block Co
Address: 14430 Madison Rd, Middlefield
3. Judd Septic Services
Address: 16500 Pioneer Rd, Middlefield
4. Fisher Stairs
Address: 17748 Kinsman Rd, Middlefield
5. Jackson Fence
Address: 13650 Old State Rd, Middlefield
6. Southwind Water Well Drilling
Address: 8480 S Girdle Rd, Middlefield
7. Tri-Kote Roofing, LLC
Address: 14899 N State Ave, Middlefield
8. M. K. Hardwoods LLC.
Address: 14429-14437 Madison Rd, Middlefield
9. North American Cast Stone
Address: 14819 Thut Rd, Middlefield
10. Stairs J S
Address: 16118 Old State Rd, Middlefield
11. Tim Yoder Construction Co
Address: 17460 Old State Rd, Middlefield
12. Lear Electric Inc - Electrical Contractor
Address: 16604 Old State Rd, Middlefield
13. Sugarbush Logging Llc
Address: 15480 Burton-Windsor Rd, Middlefield
14. Hauser Services
Address: 15668 Old State Rd, Middlefield
15. Countryside Gazebos and Outdoor Furniture
Address: 17071 Tavern Rd, Middlefield
16. Woodworks Design
Address: 9005 N Girdle Rd, Middlefield
17. Chelsea Flower Garden
Address: 14743 Kinsman Rd, Middlefield
18. Hershberger Roofing & Siding
Address: 15439 Madison Rd, Middlefield
19. Emerald Turf Landscaping
Address: 109 Paradise Dr, Middlefield
Work: 07:00-18:00
20. Shawnee Wood Products
Address: 8918 Bundysburg Rd, Middlefield
21. Pleasant Valley Woodworking
Address: 13424 Clay St, Middlefield
22. Troy Mill Wood Products
Address: 17055 Kinsman Rd, Middlefield
23. Conover Workshops-Educating America's Craftspeople
Address: 18125 Madison Rd, Middlefield
24. Ernie & Sons
Address: 13407 Madison Rd, Middlefield
25. Trumbull County Hardwoods, Ltd.
Address: 9446 Bundysburg Rd, Middlefield
26. L A Rose Paving Co Inc
Address: 16590 Nauvoo Rd, Middlefield
27. MNW Commercial Roofing
Address: 5950 S Windsor Rd, Middlefield
28. Phillip Miller Construction
Address: 17250 Kinsman Rd, Middlefield
29. D L Construction
Address: 17120 Tavern Rd, Middlefield
30. Bylers Kiln Drying
Address: 17673 Nauvoo Rd, Middlefield
31. John's Country Nursery Inc
Address: 15808 Old State Rd, Middlefield
Work: 08:00-17:00
32. H & H Land Clearing
Address: 15530 Old State Rd, Middlefield
33. J H Yoder Timbers
Address: 17746 Pioneer Rd, Middlefield
34. Bonner Ohio Properties
Address: 15200 Madison Rd, Middlefield

Best comments in Middlefield,OH

  • Jackson Fence

    Very unprofessional. Took months to get back to me on a quote the first time I hired them, and the final construction actually involves PLASTIC ZIP TIES. During construction, ripped the electrical line out of my house and lied about it. Found out the...

    13650 Old State Rd, Middlefield
  • Southwind Water Well Drilling

    Better equipment, skills, and knowledge got me a 20gpm well at 57ft while my neighbors all get 5gpm at 150ft, highly recommended.

    8480 S Girdle Rd, Middlefield
  • Southwind Water Well Drilling

    Our well pump died and the plumber gave us a referral to Southwind. We called, left a very specific message - twice - and they never returned our call. Classy. We were without water and desperate and they couldn't be bothered to return our call.

    8480 S Girdle Rd, Middlefield
  • Tri-Kote Roofing, LLC

    Start Up Company

    14899 N State Ave, Middlefield
  • Tri-Kote Roofing, LLC

    Hardworking great people

    14899 N State Ave, Middlefield
  • Tri-Kote Roofing, LLC

    Hi I am the owner of this company, and I would love to show you how we can save you money by restoring your commercial roof. WHY REPLACE WHEN YOU CAN RESTORE!! TRIKOTE ROOFING SINCE 2011 SELF EMPLOYED SINCE 2005

    14899 N State Ave, Middlefield