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  • Address:1021 Co Rd 96, McComb
  • Phone:(419) 293-2713

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Aundrea Ely: 10/26/2016 21:08

My home insurance contracted this guy to work on our furnace. He was supposed to call me and never did so I ended up calling him to see what's up. He finally showed up at our home in an unmarked van, with no tools, no supplies or parts, completely unprepared. He spends about 15 minutes looking at the furnace and tells me it's my thermostat. The thermostat is brand new so I questioned him and at that point he got hostile and rude. Said he'd be back in the morning to replace it. 11am the next day rolls around he never shows up so I call him and he tells me he is busy and isn't sure when he'll show up. We ended up calling another company to come out and they showed up in less than an hour and had it working in 45 minutes. It didn't cost me any more than the home insurance service fee and I got professional customer service. Moral of the story: DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GUY. He's a joke and a half.

Mike Przysiecki: 06/23/2016 19:43

Is there an option for zero stars? One star is being generous. This guy is a joke. Referred by our home warranty service. Doesn't answer his phone, doesn't return calls, doesn't even have a proper voicemail message set up. As far as I can tell, he's not even in business anymore. If he is, he's the shittiest small business owner I've ever tried to contract. Don't waste your time. This dude clearly doesn't care about representing himself as a professional.

Cassandra Ohms: 11/30/2015 21:18

Took 3 months to try to fix our ac unit. He was the contracted ac repairman through our home warranty otherwise we would have never used him. He broke something each time he was out here. Overcharged and tried to get us to pay a service charge for each visit. Took 1-3 hours during each visit. Come to find out he ordered the wrong parts so the unit wouldn't work! We complained to our home warranty and they ordered the correct parts. The parts were delivered to Bob who refused to sign for these and refused to come back out and fix what he never fixed! We met up with ups got the parts. End of story we complained to our home warranty and they sent out a new contractor who fixed what bob messed up in 1 hour. Do not use Bob. He doesn't know his job, will talk down to you, and will scam you out of a service charge for each visit.

Donna Cousino: 01/19/2015 20:44

Took over a month to get him to put in a new heater. He broke something every time he came. Now 18 months later, he won't honor the warranty.

Mike D: 01/04/2013 02:53

We have a home warranty and this is the only company who would come out and fix our furnace. He has been out 4 times and hasn't fixed our furnace. Would never recommend to anybody unless you like to freeze in the winter.