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Contractor in Madeira, Ohio
1. Russell Plumbing
Address: 8181 Camargo Rd, Madeira
2. CM/GC Group Inc.
Address: 7811 Laurel Ave, Madeira
3. Kinsella Kitchens
Address: 7880 Camargo Rd, Madeira

Best comments in Madeira,OH

  • Russell Plumbing

    The receptionist was very rude and hung up on me. She was angry because I called to try to schedule something at 3:49pm when they close at 4pm. Not sure what I was supposed to do -- came home to sewage in the basement, so of course I'm going to make ...

    8181 Camargo Rd, Madeira
  • Russell Plumbing

    I've used Russell Plumbing since the owner, Steve, had just started out. Since then the business has grown and he has employees. Today his son in law came and repaired a leak from my tub, and several other small issues in other areas. Not only was I ...

    8181 Camargo Rd, Madeira
  • Kinsella Kitchens

    Little Kevin of a man is such a penny pinching, brow beating, hyper control freak. It's unfortunate this lifestyle has landed him a heart attack a few years back. Now I overheard him in that smoke filled little office that they are the most expensiv...

    7880 Camargo Rd, Madeira