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Contractor in Howard, Ohio
1. Home Energy Services (North Central Ohio)
Address: 994 Country Club Dr, Howard
2. Yard Munchers
Address: 629 Lakeview Heights Dr, Howard
3. Valley Electrical Contractors LLC
Address: 664 Valleywood Heights Dr, Howard
4. Premier Silica LLC
Address: 26900 Coshocton Ave, Howard
5. Quality Construction Services LLC
Address: 11610 Pipesville Rd, Howard
6. Danny Stephens Construction
Address: 1700 Apple Valley Dr, Howard
7. Apple Valley Builders
Address: 21391 Floralwood Dr, Howard
8. Five Star Commercial Roofing
Address: 7321 Esto Rd, Howard
9. Productive Excavating
Address: 28471 Coshocton Ave, Howard
10. Kokosing Construction Co Inc
Address: 21735 Plank Rd, Howard
11. Valley Kitchen Designs, LLC
Address: 29071 Coshocton Ave, Howard
12. BluGrass Lawncare and Landscaping, LLC
Address: 12567 Carey Ln, Howard
Work: 00:00-12:00

Best comments in Howard,OH

  • Premier Silica LLC

    26900 Coshocton Ave, Howard
  • Quality Construction Services LLC

    Amazing houses, Great owners and flexible hours. Local builder on HGTV is amazing and can't wait to watch the episode. definitely quality work

    11610 Pipesville Rd, Howard
  • Danny Stephens Construction

    Really nice guy

    1700 Apple Valley Dr, Howard
  • Five Star Commercial Roofing

    This review is from the perspective of a vendor. The company owner, Phil Helmuth has been a privilege to work with. We hereby recommend Five Star.

    7321 Esto Rd, Howard
  • Five Star Commercial Roofing

    Phil was as nice of a gentleman as you could possibly ask. He was very gracious in everything he did for us. He is highly recommended.

    7321 Esto Rd, Howard
  • BluGrass Lawncare and Landscaping, LLC

    This company takes care of your lawn as if it were their own. They care more about the satisfaction then getting done quickly.

    12567 Carey Ln, Howard