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Contractor in Hicksville, Ohio
1. Paul Yoder Construction Co
Address: 106 E High St # A, Hicksville
2. Thornburg Plumbing & Heating
Address: 617 Spencerville, Hicksville
3. Ewing Nursery Inc
Address: 110 Bunnell St, Hicksville
4. Crook Miller Co
Address: 10 Handle Ln, Hicksville
5. Five Acre Mill
Address: 10860 OH-2, Hicksville
6. Etchen Drywall
Address: 4861 OH-249, Hicksville
7. Brown Construction Inc
Address: 775 W High St, Hicksville
8. Stoett Industries
Address: 600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville

Best comments in Hicksville,OH

  • Thornburg Plumbing & Heating

    Do a great job.

    617 Spencerville, Hicksville
  • Stoett Industries

    I started to install this shower door, but there was a sheared off screw. I wrote to the company to request a new part. I think it's a month later, I still don't have it. I like the product but know that it does not come with customer service

    600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville
  • Stoett Industries

    Stoett's team helped me with my patio and office space. Their PanoramaLite product turned out to be a great fit. Very knowledgeable and helpful!

    600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville
  • Stoett Industries

    Great Company. Great Product. Check out the before and after pictures of the recently installed StowAway Retractable Screen Door. I was looking for a privacy screen fabric that was only available with StowAway Screens which is why we went with a Whit...

    600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville
  • Stoett Industries

    We are very happy with the retractable screen doors. Great Quality and Customer Service. Very friendly staff and always happy to help.

    600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville
  • Stoett Industries

    We are one of their CA dealers and couldn't be happier. They have an amazing product line which sells itself and makes our jobs that much easier. They offer such a variety of screening options that we in turn are provided with a solution to our custo...

    600 Defiance Ave, Hicksville