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Contractor in Germantown, Ohio
1. Proline Roofing
Address: 192 Rogers Dr, Germantown
2. SPS Foundations
Address: 9155 Twp Park Dr, Germantown
3. Integrity Heating & Cooling
Address: 7987 Farmersville West Carrollton Pike, Germantown
4. Patriot Communications
Address: 14481 Anthony Rd, Germantown
5. Matheson Renovations
Address: 320 N Main St, Germantown
6. Piqua Concrete
Address: 9151 Twp Park Dr, Germantown
7. Paul Allen Heating & Cooling
Address: 11379 Friend Rd, Germantown
8. Dill's Excavating
Address: 14027 Friend Rd, Germantown
9. Triumph Restoration & Roofing
Address: 281 N Main St, Germantown
10. BJ Blair Roofing
Address: 9822 Browns Run Rd, Germantown
11. Hensley's Heating & Air Conditioning
Address: 227 Angela Dr, Germantown
12. Burkhardt Engineering Co
Address: 28 N Cherry St, Germantown
13. Valley Asphalt Corporation
Address: 9661 Sugar St, Germantown
14. Premium Masonry Inc
Address: 10013 Carlisle Pike, Germantown
15. Vintage 513
Address: 50 W Center St, Germantown

Best comments in Germantown,OH

  • Proline Roofing

    Proline replaced my roof after storm damage, they were in and out in less than a day. Had a question about the fireplace leaking, the owner came out and checked everything, the water was entering due to the heavy rains and wind, but he re sealed ever...

    192 Rogers Dr, Germantown
  • Proline Roofing

    Proline Roofing is a ripoff. They were to remove old roof, replace bad sheeting, apply 3 dimensional shingles, wrap soffit & fascia with coil stock/replacing any damaged boards, replace gutter & downspouts. Paid $5,500 down, then another $5,200 when ...

    192 Rogers Dr, Germantown
  • Proline Roofing

    I hired Proline to fix a leak and replace shingles. The next rain my roof was still leaking. After several phone calls they would not follow up. Very Dishonest.

    192 Rogers Dr, Germantown
  • Integrity Heating & Cooling

    Had a 12× 30 ft room addition. Integrity had installed my other system. So, because I trusted their company, I had them tie the new addition into the existing one. Great job!!! Thanks Integrity

    7987 Farmersville West Carrollton Pike, Germantown
  • Paul Allen Heating & Cooling

    Paul Allen Heating and Cooling has fixed/serviced my aging HVAC system on several occasions over many years, usually after it has quit and the house is getting very hot or very cold. He has always been able to diagnose the problem quickly and get t...

    11379 Friend Rd, Germantown
  • Paul Allen Heating & Cooling

    Of course our furnace died in the middle of winter! But, it turned into a stress free situation because we called Paul Allen. He was at the house very promptly to check furnace. We needed a new one. He was back the next day to install new one. Very p...

    11379 Friend Rd, Germantown