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Contractor in Englewood, Ohio
1. R B Services
Address: 143 Hawker St, Englewood
2. J L Kuck General Contractors
Address: 100 Harrisburg Dr, Englewood
3. Leonard Mechanical Services
Address: 145 Harrisburg Dr, Englewood
4. Garber Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Address: 100 Rockridge Rd, Englewood
5. Dependable Heating & Air
Address: 228 Porter Dr, Englewood
Work: 09:30-21:30
6. Double Jay Construction
Address: 25 Harrisburg Dr, Englewood
7. Stinson Concrete Contractors
Address: 5435 Sweet Potato Ridge Rd, Englewood
8. B & B Fence & Decks
Address: Englewood
9. Ugly Tub
Address: 120 N Main St, Englewood
10. Balsbaugh Excavating, Inc.
Address: 3286 Phillipsburg Union Rd, Englewood
11. Smith and Sons Sealcoating and Striping
Address: 4965 Old Salem Rd, Englewood
12. Englewood Glass Inc.
Address: 9 S Walnut St, Englewood
13. Ginter Siding and Windows
Address: 1 S Main St, Englewood
14. Joe Schmitt & Sons Plumbing and heating llc
Address: 500 Alta Ave, Englewood

Best comments in Englewood,OH

  • Dependable Heating & Air

    Dependable Heating and Air is awesome! My elderly mother lost heat to her home on a Friday evening. I searched for a local HVAC company, and found that Dependable was still available while everyone else was closed. I made the call and someone was on ...

    228 Porter Dr, Englewood
  • Double Jay Construction

    I' ve worked with some of the guys from Double Jay on different construction jobs as a dump truck driver, and none of them had anything bad to say about their company and were positive . Most drivers I know want to work with Double Jay witch is ra...

    25 Harrisburg Dr, Englewood
  • Ugly Tub

    I had some tenants do who knows what to the tub in my house, and after hours of scrubbing it still looked stained and dirty. While a new tub seemed cheap it looked like installation costs would be really really high, so I did some googling and found ...

    120 N Main St, Englewood
  • Ugly Tub

    This company just did one of our rental properties and the results were excellent. We used them in our own home a while back and really loved the work they did there.

    120 N Main St, Englewood
  • Ugly Tub

    First I would like to tell everyone what time it is. It is currently 11pm, over 24 hours post Ugly Tub resurfacing my bathtub. As I drained my water what did I see? Pieces of the resurfacing product ripping off and away from the bathtub, not only did...

    120 N Main St, Englewood
  • Ugly Tub

    Nice people BUT my tub started to peel within the first year. The guy wanted to redo the whole tub after he saw it but they would only allow him to paint part of the tub. That left me with 1/4 of my tub looking different than the rest. Now huge parts...

    120 N Main St, Englewood