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Contractor in Dresden, Ohio
1. Fry's Fine Hardwood & Supply
Address: 16688 Co Rd 4, Dresden
2. Kendrick Excavating Co
Address: 4280 New Riley Rd, Dresden
3. Dresden Landscaping
Address: 12095 Bottom Rd, Dresden
4. Chesterhill Stone Co
Address: 1985 Gene Cox Memorial Dr, Dresden
5. Federal Heating & Cooling
Address: 3835 Raiders Rd, Dresden
Work: 09:00-08:59
6. A+Lawncare
Address: 3970 New Riley Rd, Dresden
Work: 07:00-21:00

Best comments in Dresden,OH

  • Kendrick Excavating Co

    Great Honest Reliable Company

    4280 New Riley Rd, Dresden
  • Dresden Landscaping

    Still in business even after being wrongfully accused of hitting a dog and being slandered by people who don't fact check before opening their mouths

    12095 Bottom Rd, Dresden
  • Dresden Landscaping

    Driver hit a dog, did not stop, SAW the owner trying to get a hold of the dog beforehand, now the company is deleting comments on their facebook page instead of stepping up. How can a company in good conscious not speak out or step up when one of th...

    12095 Bottom Rd, Dresden
  • Dresden Landscaping

    There brand new house's and we have Plenty of room in here

    12095 Bottom Rd, Dresden
  • Federal Heating & Cooling

    I had three professionals give me an estimate on my broken air conditioner. Federal Heating and Cooling was the final estimate. The first two business told me the compressor was broken and a new compressor would cost nearly as much as a new unit. ...

    3835 Raiders Rd, Dresden
  • Federal Heating & Cooling

    This is a heating & cooling company

    3835 Raiders Rd, Dresden