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Contractor in Dover, Ohio
1. Phil's Well Services
Address: 3928 Mt Pleasant Rd, Dover
2. Newton Asphalt Paving Inc
Address: 2411 OH-516, Dover
3. Reidl Construction
Address: 500 Betscher Ave, Dover
4. Schoenbrunn Landscaping
Address: 1505 OH-39, Dover
5. Mario Ionno Construction
Address: 4324 Dover Zoar Rd NE, Dover
6. Rem Construction
Address: 720 N Wooster Ave, Dover
7. Pariso Log Homes
Address: 4856 Old Rte 39 NW, Dover
8. R. A. Moser Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Address: 6227 Columbia Rd NW, Dover
9. JMG Construction
Address: 2555 Pyle Rd, Dover
10. Hatcher Roofing
Address: 822 N Tuscarawas Ave, Dover
11. Shelly Materials Inc. - Smith Concrete - Dover Facility
Address: 141 S Tuscarawas Ave, Dover
12. Metal Masters Inc
Address: 125 Williams Dr NW, Dover
13. Brandywine Construction & Restoration
Address: 4636 State Rt 39 Northwest, Dover
14. Henry Heating & Cooling
Address: 2370 OH-516, Dover
15. Chapman Industrial Construct
Address: 5617 Crown Road Northwest, Dover
16. Linerode Construction
Address: 3355 Schneiders Crossing Road Northwest, Dover
17. Hostetler Builders
Address: 3002 Mt Pleasant Rd, Dover
18. Burgess Drilling Inc
Address: 2724 Johnstown Rd NE, Dover
19. Enderby Landscaping
Address: 1336 Parkdale Dr, Dover
20. Shelly Materials Inc
Address: 2301 Progress St, Dover
21. Wayne Garage Door Sales & Services
Address: 2150 OH-39, Dover
22. Tuscarawas Construction, LTD
Address: 2578 Pyle Rd, Dover
23. Gor-Con Construction Inc
Address: 616 Harger St, Dover
24. Kelly's Pool Place
Address: 2354 OH-516, Dover
25. Hartzler's Quality Housing Inc
Address: 1457 Ohio 39, Dover
26. Peterman Plumbing & Heating
Address: 525 W 15th St, Dover
27. Mc Millen & Sons Heating & AC
Address: 100 S Tuscarawas Ave, Dover
28. DJS Maintenance & Construction Co
Address: 1353 Froman Hill Rd, Dover

Best comments in Dover,OH

  • Schoenbrunn Landscaping

    What a great variety of plants and trees. Priced right too.

    1505 OH-39, Dover
  • Mario Ionno Construction

    Giving them a ONE star due to their sheer arrogance & wasting my time waiting on a quote that never came. I don't like being lied to...

    4324 Dover Zoar Rd NE, Dover
  • R. A. Moser Heating & Cooling, Inc.

    Best heating and cooling company around, prompt service and very professional.

    6227 Columbia Rd NW, Dover
  • Hatcher Roofing

    the worst there is. they messed the house up in more ways than thought possible.they should be strung up by their entrails. have no idea what he is doing.

    822 N Tuscarawas Ave, Dover
  • Brandywine Construction & Restoration

    This Crew is absolutely awesome! They do wonderful work, and it seems to go up so fast! Me and my husband started building our home ourselves after they had constructed the shell of the home. We are building a pole barn style home and decided we real...

    4636 State Rt 39 Northwest, Dover
  • Brandywine Construction & Restoration

    We paid $42,000 to Brandywine for restoration,new windows,doors, and added deck (railings are all wobbling, he never came back to stain the deck). After the fact we found too many corners were cut. Two new sets of 8 foot sliding doors leaked every t...

    4636 State Rt 39 Northwest, Dover