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Contractor in Canton, Ohio
1. Lawnworks Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.
Address: 1221 Tuscarawas St E, Canton
2. N L Construction Corporation
Address: 230 15th St SE, Canton
3. Leaktight LLC
Address: 210 Jobe Ct SE, Canton
4. R P Construction Inc
Address: 4452 Kirby Ave NE, Canton
5. Tile Tradition Inc
Address: 3415 Middlebranch Ave NE, Canton
6. Servpro of NW Stark County
Address: 4420 Dressler Rd NW #36023, Canton
7. Final Finish
Address: 730 Market Ave S # 1, Canton
8. Whitacre Engineering Co.
Address: 4645 Rebar Ave NE, Canton
9. Pileggi's Asphalt
Address: 1121 5th St SW, Canton
10. AMC Roofing
Address: Canton
11. A & L Heating & Cooling
Address: 916 Lawrence Rd NE, Canton
12. Hunter Green Lawn Care LLC
Address: 2651 Lombardi Ave SW, Canton
13. Welcome to TimBren Construction & Custom Building Inc
Address: 4464 Navarre Rd SW, Canton
14. Ameripro Basement Waterproof
Address: 2904 Navarre Rd SW, Canton
15. Norman Eckinger Inc
Address: 2500 Krisko Cir SW, Canton
16. Dave Denlinger & Sons Mason
Address: 5619 Tyro St NE, Canton
17. Elsass Heating & Cooling Inc.
Address: 2011 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton
18. Crockett Homes Inc
Address: 5060 Navarre Rd SW # A, Canton
19. Performance Contracting Inc
Address: 4450 Belden Village St NW #306, Canton
20. Hosner Carpet One Floor & Home
Address: 4925 Tuscarawas St W, Canton
21. Ryan Homes
Address: 1669 Seabiscuit Dr NE, Canton
22. Total Maintenance Systems Inc
Address: 702 Walnut Ave NE, Canton
23. Pella Windows and Doors
Address: 4603 Everhard Rd NW, Canton
24. Elite Stucco
Address: Main St., Canton
25. TAB Construction Co Inc
Address: 530 Walnut Ave NE, Canton
26. CFI Interiors
Address: 3944 Fulton Dr NW, Canton
27. ServiceMaster By Steinbach
Address: 6824 Wise Ave NW, Canton
28. Knetsch's Home Improvements
Address: 4735 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton
29. Zoned Comfort Heating and Cooling, Inc.
Address: 2531 Clarendon Ave NW, Canton
30. Fastenal
Address: 3918 Kropf Ave SW, Canton
31. Kauffman Plumbing & Heating
Address: 606 3rd St SE, Canton
32. JD Remodeling, LLC
Address: 3812 Greenwood Pl SW, Canton
33. Pioneer Basement Solutions
Address: 4221 16th St SW, Canton
34. Refrigeration Sales Corporation
Address: 1635 Market Ave S, Canton
35. McCaulley Building & Home Improvements
Address: 5201 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton
36. Ventrone Excavating, Inc.
Address: 1648 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton
37. USA Fasteners Inc
Address: 3901 Eaton Dr NW, Canton
38. The National Lime and Stone Company
Address: 1428 Waynesburg Dr SE, Canton
39. Tycor Roofing
Address: 1704 Warner Rd SE, Canton
40. Behr's Pump & Well Services Inc
Address: 10127 Johnsford Rd, Canton
41. Vega Construction
Address: 4895 Navarre Rd SW, Canton
42. The Beaver Excavating Co.
Address: 2000 Beaver Pl Ave SW, A, Canton
43. Marks Cement Contractors LLC
Address: 2213 Gage Ave NE, Canton
44. Cavella & Hair General Contractor
Address: 515 Perry Dr NW, Canton
45. Hammond Construction Inc
Address: 1278 Park Ave SW, Canton
46. Legacy Roofing Services
Address: 3407 Kuemerle Ave NE, Canton
47. Wayne Marion Roofing & Home
Address: 1919 11th St SW, Canton
48. Hein Construction
Address: 3840 Greentree SW, Canton
49. Goodman Distribution Inc
Address: 2580 Atlantic Blvd NE, Canton
50. Diano Supply Co
Address: 1000 Warner Rd SE, Canton
51. Standard Plumbing & Heating Service Department
Address: 220 7th St SE, Canton
52. Baker Hughes
Address: 1807 Allen Ave SE #19, Canton
53. Northeast Ohio Heating & AC
Address: 1230 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton
54. HOBS Industrial Roofing
Address: 1423 Harrisburg Rd NE, Canton
55. Miracle Concrete Contractors
Address: 1905 23rd St NE, Canton
56. Miracle Plumbing and Heating
Address: 2121 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
57. Henderson Roofing & Construction
Address: 1300 30th St NE, Canton
58. Doerschuk's Bath and Kitchen Showcase
Address: 2720 Atlantic Blvd N.E., Canton
59. Eckinger Construction Co
Address: 2340 Shepler Church Ave SW, Canton
60. Kline Custom Homes and Remodelers
Address: 10204 Immel Ave NE, Canton
61. Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio
Address: 1400 Raff Rd SW Ste. A, Canton
62. Canton Construction Group, LLC
Address: 2644 Beverly Ave NE, Canton
63. Bob & Pete's Floors Inc
Address: 4713 Tuscarawas St W, Canton
64. Clevenger Home Improvements
Address: 3434 Dueber Ave SW, Canton
65. Ironrock
Address: 1201 Millerton St SE, Canton
66. R D Halter Excavating Inc
Address: 2346 Delaware Ave SW, Canton
67. Schumacher Homes Corporate Office
Address: 2715 Wise Ave NW, Canton
68. Schumacher Homes
Address: 2715 Wise Ave NW, Canton
69. Leader Landscaping
Address: 3712 Baum St SE, Canton
70. Invisible Fence of Canton
Address: 1939 Whipple Ave NW, Canton
71. Stark Aeration & Supply
Address: 1391 Mt Pleasant St NE, Canton
72. Bryant Heating & Cooling
Address: 3316 12th St NW, Canton
73. James K Franks Jr Excavating
Address: 4821 Dueber Ave SW, Canton
74. Concrete Designs by Audrey Inc.
Address: 3012 9th St SW, Canton
75. Franks Brothers Construction
Address: 1308 Mattie St SE, Canton
76. Adams & Sons Pump Services Inc
Address: 2665 Easton St NE, Canton
77. Right Choice Exteriors LLC
Address: 3526 Whipple Ave SW, Canton
78. Allied Restoration & Caulking
Address: 1401 Timken Pl SW, Canton
79. Buxton Roofing
Address: 3110 Columbus Rd NE, Canton
80. King's Excavating-Landscaping
Address: 4586 Fohl St SW, Canton
81. HERRING General Contractor
Address: 1127 Garfield Ave SW, Canton
82. Thermo Manufacturing Inc
Address: 3709 Columbus Rd NE, Canton
83. True Form Construction
Address: 5311 Southway St SW, Canton
84. Campanelli Heating Cooling
Address: 4437 Orchard Dale Dr NW, Canton
85. Russo Leo Concrete
Address: 706 37th St NW, Canton
86. Foundation Systems & Anchors
Address: 2300 Allen Ave SE, Canton
87. Standard Plumbing & Heating
Address: 435 Walnut Ave SE, Canton
88. Sheet Metal Crafters Inc.
Address: 435 Walnut Ave SE, Canton
89. Canton Aluminum
Address: 1330 Tuscarawas St E, Canton
90. S & D Improvements
Address: 6114 Groton Street Northwest, Canton
91. Dave's Asphalt
Address: 2502 Harrisburg Rd NE, Canton
92. Charles B Marion Roofing
Address: 2916 Waynesburg Dr SE, Canton
93. Rice's
Address: 1651 55th St NE N, Canton
94. Stevens Concrete Inc
Address: 8015 Bentler Ave NE, Canton
95. Signature Design & Remodeling
Address: 1515 Sally Ann Ave NW, Canton
96. Zernechel Plumbing & Heating
Address: 6080 Wiclif Rd NE, Canton
97. Reliable Ready Mix
Address: 1606 Allen Ave SE, Canton
98. Don Brown's Landscape Supply
Address: 4330 Harmont Ave NE, Canton
99. Hughes Kitchens & Bath
Address: 1258 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton
100. Volpe Landscaping
Address: Canton
101. B M Roofing Co
Address: Canton
102. Preservation Exteriors
Address: Canton
103. Your Basement Care
Address: Expert Waterproofing, Canton
104. Bluegrass Incorporated
Address: 4855 Hills and Dales Rd NW, Canton
105. R G Smith Co
Address: 1249 Dueber Ave SW, Canton
106. Roman Plumbing & Excavating Co
Address: 2411 Shepler Church Ave SW, Canton
107. Bilfinger Westcon
Address: 4525 Vliet St SW, Canton
108. Ko-Behr Construction Inc
Address: 722 46th St SW, Canton
109. Edward R Hart Co
Address: 437 McGregor Ave NW, Canton
110. All Type Heating & Cooling
Address: 5201 Tuscarawas St W, Canton
111. Ryan Homes at Bishop Meadows
Address: Genoa Ave SW, Canton
112. Aztec Roofing Co Inc
Address: 4520 Vliet St SW, Canton
113. Majical Homes of Canton
Address: 1437 Spring Ave NE, Canton
114. All Comfort Heating & Cooling
Address: 1748 Brownlee Ave NE, Canton, OH 44705, Canton
115. New Homes Wicker Creek OH - Ryan Homes
Address: 7680 Fiddler Court Cir NE, Canton
116. Mack's Inc
Address: 2521 Columbus Rd NE, Canton
117. Willoughby Supply
Address: 4900 Southway St SW, Canton
118. ITS Construction Inc
Address: 3225 Middlebranch Ave NE, Canton
119. Hey Neighbor LLC
Address: 4606 Kirby Ave NE, Canton
120. GMC Heating and Cooling
Address: 3300 Shepler Church Ave SW, Canton
121. White's Heating & Cooling
Address: 1203 Wertz Ave NW, Canton
122. Agile Network Builders
Address: 213 Market Ave N #310, Canton
123. King's Topsoil & Trucking
Address: 3008 Prairie College St SW, Canton
124. C & S Heating & Cooling
Address: 4548 3rd St NW, Canton
125. A & D Volpe Construction
Address: 1847 Faircrest St SE, Canton
126. Durabilt Inc
Address: 1718 Kimball Rd SE, Canton
127. Finney Refrigeration Inc
Address: 1101 2nd St NE, Canton
128. R & R Residential Fencing
Address: 2415 Franciscan St NE, 39th St NW, Canton
129. Ryan Homes at Lexington Farms
Address: 6530 Horseshoe Ave NE, Canton
130. Sherriff-Goslin Roofing - Canton, OH
Address: 1387 Clarendon Ave SW, Canton
131. Mount Corrick Construction Inc
Address: 3345 Belden Ave SE, Canton

Best comments in Canton,OH

  • Lawnworks Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.

    Dominick, the owner,has the worst attitude when it comes to business. His crew had loud trucks, leaked oil, he was very confrontational when questioned about his work, guys with their shirts off. It felt like a gang was working at my house. Dominick ...

    1221 Tuscarawas St E, Canton
  • Lawnworks Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.

    I am so happy that I went with this company. For a little background I moved into a new house in early spring that needed a lot of landscaping. I called a few different companies to come out and give me estimates on the work that needed done. Most of...

    1221 Tuscarawas St E, Canton
  • Servpro of NW Stark County

    Great Company to work with!

    4420 Dressler Rd NW #36023, Canton
  • A & L Heating & Cooling

    I'm no expert on heating and cooling systems by any means, but I do believe that I have the furnace from hell, if you will. Basically my problem was that my furnace would work about 20% of the time, not kicking on when it was supposed to, and most ...

    916 Lawrence Rd NE, Canton
  • A & L Heating & Cooling

    Last summer I ran into a problem. My AC just conked out during the hottest week in the summer. I was afraid I would be put on a long waiting list and not have my AC serviced in time to be able to enjoy it, considering my elderly mother-in-law was s...

    916 Lawrence Rd NE, Canton
  • A & L Heating & Cooling

    2nd time using A&L , put a complete gas heat and A.C. system in my old house now a complete heat pump/A.C. system in my new house. Both times installed very quickly , high quality/high efficiency systems . Nice clean installs , proffesional team, com...

    916 Lawrence Rd NE, Canton