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Contractor in Canal Fulton, Ohio
1. Andy's Lawn Care
Address: 2399 Locust St S # 4, Canal Fulton
2. Cosmos Comprehensive Construction
Address: 816 Milan St N, Canal Fulton
3. Schalmo Homes
Address: 464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
4. Big Tom's Roofing
Address: 2180 Locust St S, Canal Fulton
5. Cocklin Plumbing & Trenching
Address: Canal Fulton
6. Complete Concrete, Inc.
Address: 209 Canal St S, Canal Fulton
7. Astro-Tec Manufacturing Inc
Address: 550 Elm Ridge Ave, Canal Fulton
8. Lindsay Precast Inc.
Address: 6845 Erie Ave N, Canal Fulton
9. Ryan Homes at Emerald Estates
Address: 7464 Diamondback Ave NW, Canal Fulton
10. Harbaugh Earth Moving
Address: 616 Locust St S, Canal Fulton
Address: 6604 Towpath Ave NW, Canal Fulton

Best comments in Canal Fulton,OH

  • Schalmo Homes

    If you are looking for a quality custom home builder, you need to visit Schalmo Homes. You will not be disappointed. Greg and his team go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied every step of the way.

    464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
  • Schalmo Homes

    Built with Schalmo's 4 years ago. Excellent custom builder. Detail oriented. Great customer service and accessibility. So far no issues and they have built us a wonderful, structurally sound, sustainable home.

    464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
  • Schalmo Homes

    Had a great experience with Schalmo Homes. All phases of construction were done in a timely manner. There attention to detail in all trades exceeded my expectations. Would recommend them to anyone looking to build a home. Thank you Schalmo Homes!

    464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
  • Schalmo Homes

    Choosing a home builder is a big decision since it's one of the biggest investments you will make. We put our trust into Schalmo Homes to build us an affordable and quality sound home - and it was the best decision. Since it's a local builder, we f...

    464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
  • Schalmo Homes

    We bought our first Schalmo home in 2003, and it was a great home for our family. When our needs changed for a house in 2016 we considered other builders in the course of due diligence, but came back to Schalmo for the way we were treated, the value...

    464 Etheridge Blvd, Canal Fulton
  • Big Tom's Roofing

    Big Tom helped me get my ceiling fixed within the budget that I requested. I really appreciated his willingness to work with the amount I could afford. Plus, he always answered his phone and was available to talk to me about the job. I reccommend B...

    2180 Locust St S, Canal Fulton