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Chris Zutterman: 01/21/2017 04:55

Had a guy come out on Monday and said I'd have an estimate by Tuesday night. Not sure what happened but today is Friday and I haven't received the estimate yet. I called and left a message but have not received a call back. Oh well, on to the next.

nlichter velia: 05/28/2013 21:43

This landscape designer proved to be reliable during all those years and many different projects we have completed. I am an owner of a construction company which works wit Preferred Landscape. Their job is to design the future landscape in front of a house or a whole complex. Our customer are mostly happy with two things - the quality of the structures and their beautiful yards. I have to admit that Preferred Landscape became an important part of our success. If they weren't that good at what they do people weren't going to recognize us as a top contractor in Lousiville. I hope we will continue to make our customers happy!

luthardt dale: 05/21/2013 01:41

This is the landscape designer that met all requirements that we had, and we had lot, trust me. We are a big family that was about to move to a new house and every single member wanted something - from the rooms to the yard. Preferred Landscape has been recommended many times to us and eventually we had the opportunity to use their landscaping services. Everyone was heard and understood and the final result was wonderful and we all liked it.

Olivia Weitzel: 04/24/2013 14:44

I am surprised and delighted by Preferred Landscape service quality. I enjoyed working with them from the beginning when we designed the yard till the completion of the project. I have heard there are professional landscaping architects working for them and that is what got my attention. What I liked most was the spring and the many flowers. The design was exactly what I have always imagined and wanted. Of course they helped us with the sprinkler system as well, so we didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you and I wish your company more successful projects and happy customers.

Bailey Aufmuth: 03/28/2013 21:07

When we met for the first time I explained you my concept and you really got what I wanted. The landscaping work done by you was brilliant and the whole neighborhood wants the same now. :-) Of course the design was mine but you added those details that make the whole front yard looks great. You also installed a quality irrigation system and we are happy with that too. I remember when my brother hired a landscaping designer who installed a cheap one and a few months later everything had to be replaced. Of course my brother paid for the unpleasant surprise. Anyway, I wanted to thank you personally and leave this testimony. Keep doing a good job and I am sure your business will expand fast.