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charles brown: 11/20/2016 04:37

We have used them before and we thought they did a good job, but on this last job I am very unhappy. I wondered why I had this leak in the gutter under my deck.....found out that the roofers left all their trash and left over stuff in the gutter. I first thought maybe it was the previous owners, but then I thought well if that was the case Middletown Roofing would have said something or removed it, but that was not the case.....even pulled out a full water bottle....not finished yet still pulling out nails,shingles, and plastic........VERY UNHAPPY

Average Southernguy: 02/23/2016 04:22

After a series of severe weather ravaged our area the spring of 2012, my home suffered extensive wind, and hail damage (not to mention windows, screens, automobiles, shed). Middletown Roofing installed the previous roof prior to my purchasing the home in 2008. The roof was approximately 10 years old when this series of storms blew through (a part of the Henryville system). Middletown Roofing worked excellently with State Farm Ins. to install a replacement roof, and even worked in upgrade 3-D shingles. Was very pleased with the price, installation, and employees who completed the work. Would recommend, and definitely would use them in the future should this home or any future purchase require roof work or replacement.

Lindsay Seidel: 10/02/2014 23:54

Parker and his team were great -- they were very responsive, got me on the schedule quickly and were very helpful with all my questions. Highly recommend (and the roof was great!)

John Hamilton: 03/04/2014 21:34

Beware of Middletown Roofing! Unprofessional management, poor workmanship, and NO WARRANTY. We had them out to repair some flashing and caulk a window and the workmanship was very sloppy. They used much larger pieces than we had elsewhere because he was just covering up the old work. When I questioned it, the only response I received was “is more better”. 6 months later it started leaking, damaging our newly repaired ceiling. I called them back and they found that the caulking had failed at the top of the flashing leaving a gap. When quoting the job they stated they would grind out the mortar of the brick joints and tuck the flashing in, apparently that had not happened. I asked that they redo the job and they said the receipt I signed stated NO WARRANTY. I pushed the issue and they then stated they couldn’t redo it because they no longer work with the person who did the install. What? Are they just sub-contracting out the work and keeping the profit? I pushed some more and they must have found their man because he was back out to try again, more sloppy work, nails left behind for my kids to find, and 3 months later leaking again! This time they said it may be the window above with no caulking. You mean the one that we paid to have caulked on the original work order? Apparently it never happened! I was fed up and asked for a refund, they again said I signed a contract that said NO WARRANTY. I pushed some more and they finally offered to refund the cost of the caulking that never got put on, ten whole bucks. Thanks but no thanks.

Jacqueline Taylor: 10/15/2013 06:56

Middletown Roofing did a great job on my roof! The service was very prompt and professional and they worked well my insurance company. The crew left my property so clean and tidy that if I had not seen them doing the work, I would have thought the roof fairies had come and lowered a new roof on my house and garage. I highly recommend Middletown Roofing.