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  • Website:www.kproofing.com
  • Address:914 N English Station Rd, Louisville
  • Phone:(502) 245-2211

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Cabe Kline: 04/18/2017 23:06

Very professional and, most importantly, they stand by their work!

Kim Zacha: 03/28/2017 02:01

Very professional. Did everything they said they would, quickly. Would highly recommend.

Scott Slater: 10/23/2016 23:41

I was excited to use K&P Roofing to replace my roof. A friend who had the same insurance company said they worked beautifully with K&P and they were very satisfied with the whole process. Unfortunately after getting approved for a certain amount by my insurance company, K&P came back with a quote that was more than my insurance company was allowing for. My insurance told me and K&P the difference was because it was not known if my home currently had Ice and Water Shield protection and that insurance could not cover the cost without knowing of it's prior existence. The difference in cost between K&P's quote and my insurance quote was over $300. My insurance company explained that this would be a simple process of determining if the ice and water shield was currently in place or not. All K&P would have to do is remove the roof and document if it was there (pictures). If it was insurance would pay, if it wasn't then it was either out of my own pocket or I could choose to not have it installed. I explained to Glen Young (of K&P roofing) that I did not want Ice and water shield if it was not currently installed, even wrote it on the contract that I signed and they accepted. Glen acknowledged this and told me that if the IWS was currently in place they would document it for Insurance. Because of this, I even asked to upgrade shingles and that I would pay the extra out of my own pocket. At this point K&P seemed just like my friend told me. So the crew comes out, does the work over a few days and then before I even get a final invoice, my insurance has sent me a check for the remaining balance they owe me. And it was for the amount that DID NOT cover the IWS. But then a few days later I get an invoice from K&P and it INCLUDES the cost of the IWS. I reached out to K&P, no call back. So I called Glen, no call back. Then I emailed Glen. After a WEEK his reply was: "We did not charge any additional for ice guard as you did not have it so we could not bill your insurance company. We installed it at no charge to you." The problem with that reply is that they DID charge me for it, because the price of the repair didn't change. If it was free of charge my invoice should have changed. K&P roofing did not honor their agreement with me. Because of that (for all I know) I had to pay an extra $300+ out of my own pocket for something I directly told them I did not want to purchase. It is extremely convenient that they did not provide me with an ITEMIZED INVOICE showing the cost of each stage of the repair. If they did I would not pay the full invoiced amount. Here's my advice: If you go with K&P roofing make sure your quote has an itemized list with $$ next to the items so you know exactly what you're paying for, this IS possible because my insurance was able to do it for me. DO NOT sign a contract unless it says exactly what you want it to say. I will not be using K&P roofing in the future.

jr louisville: 05/14/2015 17:41

K & P is the best roofer in Louisville! They have helped me on three seperate occasions in the last month.My house, my mother in laws house, and a house we are going to purchase! Last week we needed immediate assistance to look over a house after an inspection. I called K & P and they had someone out on top of the roof within a few hours. I have and will continue to refer them to my friends and family!