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A Google User: 10/29/2009 17:10

I hired Mr. Bennett to renovate my bathroom. He started work in mid June of 2009. When talking to him he gave me a contract with upfront pricing. He touted one of the reason to go with him was that he would stick by his contracted price and that he would eat the cost unlike other companies. The first problem I had with Mr. Bennett was how little he worked. After the demo he would show up when he wanted to and only work on the bathroom for an hour or two. I asked him how long it would take to finish and he said that the tile was on backorder. After the tile arrived, two weeks in the project, I asked again and he said it would take about 3 more weeks. Mr. Bennett would not show up daily, never tell me the days he wouldn't be there or explain why he didn't come. In fact one day he came, installed the toilet that took 20 minutes and left without saying a word. Due to the delays he offered to buy and install a water heater for the bathroom for free. Even after that he took his time. He did not finish the bathroom until mid August. We went two months without a master bathroom. As part of our contract, we paid half of the cost of the renovation at the start and the remaining amount was to be finance at 0% over 12 months. After the renovation was done I didn't hear from Mr. Bennett. I emailed him in October asking where to send payment and if he wanted the full amount at the end of the 12 month period or he wanted monthly payments. After not getting a response the first time I tried again and got a surprise. He emailed me back with a bill with additional charges that I had not seen until then, did not even talk to him about or agreed/signed to. He even added in the water heater that was not in the contract and he bought & installed due to delay in finishing! Needless to say I do not recommend his services. He took way too long to finish even after I gave him a deadline and constantly asked him to hurry and complete the project. For him to ask for more money, in a contract I did not agree to nor see until a month and a half after the project was done, was more than ridiculous. Avoid this company!!!!!