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  • Address:11605 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville
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Christian Brodin: 08/16/2016 02:13

Never, ever use this company. Despite having a contract Tim failed to complete the work, and substantially delayed the project. He lied to us about how much he had paid his subcontractors. The work was scheduled to be done by July 1st, but as of August 15th the work is not complete. They installed flooring before starting work with concrete in the basement, assuring me that they would cover the floor and protect it. They did not do this and the entire basement floor is now damaged and needs to be replaced. When installing new windows he installed the new windows without using pressure treated wood as trim. We had to take out the windows and replace trim with pressure treated wood. Tim was supposed to haul away the old furnace, but never did this and we had to have another company come do the job. Further, in the scope of work it said to replace supply lines for plumbing. Tim told us that this was not to replace actual water supply lines, but the mesh steel lines that goes from the plumbing to the fixture.... We asked TIm not to come back as we had to find someone who could do the work, and do it properly. He promised us to refund the money for the work that was not completed, but after several weeks we have still not seen anything. Whenever we follow up with him there is always another extension, or something needs to be done before he can send us the money. He tells us that he has substantially paid one of the subcontractors, but when we talk to the subcontractor they tell us that he has not paid them. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!