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  • Website:www.elitebuilthomes.com
  • Address:16218 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville
  • Phone:(502) 245-6159
  • Opening Hours Today: 11:00-18:00
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Leigh Goddard: 03/15/2017 01:47

Flamingo Keys, very cost effective, great stay!

Tim Oney: 02/08/2017 22:10

well built house....the lake behind us is beautiful

Thomas Dinon: 12/05/2016 23:14

Great company to do business with. The staff is a pleasure to deal with.

Gayle Wood: 07/31/2016 21:35

It's July 31st, we've been in our Elite Built Home barely a month and the air conditioner has gone out. Now, we're told it will be at least a day before it's fixed. But that's not all! We have had so many issues with this $416K house it's unreal. It's not like this is our first house so our expectations are unrealistic. We have owned and built several homes. This move was to downsize in square footage, not quality, even though that's exactly what has happened.

Jack Holbrook: 07/22/2016 18:53

My wife and I moved into an Elite Home in the Signature Point subdivision a little less than 4 months ago. Writing a review for them is not an easy thing. On one hand, the house is absolutely terrific. I feel it is well built, the finishes are top notch, and it looks great. On the house alone, they provide a fantastic product. Unfortunately, it’s everything else that goes into the process that makes it hard to deal with them. I almost wish we could’ve just bought an Elite Home from someone else, instead of the company themselves. At basically every step of the way we found some sort of mistake. Items were being double billed in the contract, items were being charged at a rate higher than what the sales rep told us, the floor plans had errors, our floor plan was constantly being mixed up with a neighboring house being built, a light fixture was installed inside of a screened porch instead of outside of it, Elite did not inform the closing agent of checks we submitted for change orders causing the closing paperwork to be redone leading up to the closing. All of these mistakes were items I caught, not someone from Elite. The frustrating thing was as I pointed out these mistakes Elite reacted like I was difficult to deal with instead of being apologetic. All things added up I would imagine the mistakes and corrections I discovered saved us over $10,000. We closed with several items not completed. There was no irrigation installed, the fencing had not been completed, the blinds were not up because the project manager forgot to order them and then sent the blind company to the wrong house to measure when we reminded him, we had wrong pocket doors installed, our gate on our front porch was missing, there were no screens in the windows. These items were acknowledged as missing at the closing, but getting them corrected after closing became like pulling teeth. Again when we brought up our concerns we were met with reactions like we were being a bother. I also would warn people about doing anything extra. We designed our house to have a theater room in it. Since they were building the house I figured they could do it easier, I expected to pay a premium and was fine with that. They said they could do it for $9,000. I then asked for a list of what was to be installed because I am geeky that way, they reacted like they had never heard that request and it would be a big deal. When I finally got the list it was a joke. A remote control to control everything was $900. The projector being installed was an older model. I took the list to Best Buy and they laughed because they didn’t even carry the items due to age, the guy was floored at how much they were charging, they offered to do the job for half with newer equipment. I ended up doing everything myself using newer models and more speakers for 1/3 the cost. Just a shocking markup. I read the other reviews online about how easy Elite was to work with and how they go out of their way to solve problems and am completely jealous. I don’t know if we are just in the wrong subdivision or what because we seem to constantly be met with unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls, and just a genuine feeling that we are stopping them from completing more important work all because we stayed involved and wanted to hold them responsible for promises made. It certainly was not the level of customer service I anticipated based on their local reputation. Again, as far the house goes, we love it, but after dealing with Elite for almost a year from the time we signed the contract on the plot of land, I am not sure we would recommend friends and family use them. Edit: I met with a representative from Elite after writing this review, but the subject was not this review, after meeting with him I do realize where some of the communication issues have come from. There have definitely been trying moments, but I do feel better about things. For that reason I am bumping them up from 2 * to 3 *.