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Carter Martin: 04/19/2017 00:42

I had an appointment set with a window of 3pm - 5pm and was told I'd get a call 1/2 hr before they'd arrive. I cleared my schedule and sat and waited. At 4:30pm I called to make sure I was still on the schedule. I was told they had a couple big problems come up and it put them about 4 hours behind. Hey, I'm reasonable. Things happen. My issues: 1. Was anyone going to call me and let me know?? My time is valuable. 2. So As the gentleman was offering to reschedule me and we were discussing appointments, I was basically told my business wasn't a priority. So I politely told the gentleman I'd call another company. Even if it's true that my business is not a "priority" you might not want to say that to the customer!!

Mike Higdon: 07/25/2016 02:34

My HVAC broke late this night. Out of all the companies I called, CAIR was able to come and get us squared away on a Sunday. The tech was friendly and knowledgable. He called ahead. Great company!

Eric Bassett: 03/25/2016 21:44

Our second floor HVAC unit wasn't heating or cooling all the bedrooms very well. We had a couple other companies come out first, but no one was able to recommend a reasonable solution. The consultant from Cair was professional and knowledgeable and was quickly able to determine the cause of our problem. The 2nd floor system was originally installed with insufficient air return. He recommend adding a couple additional return lines in specific places - a relatively simple and inexpensive solution. The upstairs comfort level was significantly improved and utility bills have decreased because the system doesn't have to run as much anymore. I would recommend Cair for your HVAC needs.

Kevin Mercer: 03/01/2016 18:23

Poor service. Never arranged prepayment or mentioned it but when they showed up for install they left because we couldn't get ahold of the person for payment. Charged the owner a $200 cancellation fee. Would not admit any mishandling of the situation. I'd never use them again