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Jeff Ray: 04/20/2017 18:29

AMAZING WORKMANSHIP AND SERVICE! We built a huge porch on the back of our house and had Atlas do all of the windows and trim. We also had Atlas do all of the siding on our house as well as overhangs. This years we replaced 15 windows with Atlas. I can not say enough good about Chuck, Atlas and his team. I am extremely picky and during the window installation the house was left in PERFECT condition. The workers took care to wear boot protectors while inside and on carpeting and cleaned up EXTREMELY well. The products Atlas provides are extremely good quality and they have always stood by their work. I find myself LOOKING for projects to do on my house so I can have them come out and do the work. I HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!

Paul Harper: 04/01/2017 03:22

I am making this post for my parents based on their experience today (3/30/2017). My parents ordered replacement doors for their basement that came with a lifetime warranty. Atlas had been out once before to make some adjustments on them, as they had an issue. They were now having problems with the locks not wanting to stay locked and contacted Atlas to come out once again. It took 3 phone calls and 1 month for someone to call them back. She received a call from Chuck and they discussed the issue. It wasn't clear whether the problem was normal wear and tear or a larger issue. My mother just wanted someone to come out and assess the problem. After a few back and fourths my mom used the phrase "Well let's cut to the chase and set up an appointment". Thats my mothers way of saying "Well let's just set up and appointment and see what's going on." In no way she being insulting or aggressive, if anything she was attempting to save him a lengthy phone call. For some reason that set Chuck off. He got very loud and boisterous and would not let my mother get in another word. He told my mother that she did not appreciate his time and that he could just send someone out there and charge her. He also stated very condescendingly "You know what I'm going to do for you.. .Nothing!". Then hung up the phone on her. My mother called back to Atlas to report this issue and find out who she spoke with. It turns out it was the owner of the company Chuck Story. She was floored. Never in a million years would you expect someone to act like that towards a customer, especially the owner. Apparently his time was worth it when they were buying, but not when asked to stand behind his product/work. She was not asking for anything more than an experienced set of eyes to come look at the product they paid a premium for. He owes my mother an apology and an appointment to come look at the doors. I just hope it does not take another month for this to happen. My response to their response: People need advocates. Not everyone is tech savvy and able to voice their experiences online. Thats why I am helping my mother. It seems obvious Chuck wants to be the guy that yells the loudest (on the phone) just to make it seem like he is correct. It also feels like he is taking years of built up frustration from other customers and directing at this instance. Hanging up on someone and not even attempting to repair a relationship is a true indicator of character.

Ami Espinal: 10/12/2016 22:11

Great team! I would use them for all remodeling needs!

Daniel K: 05/18/2014 13:01

Pleasant experience all around. The two installers were professional and efficient. The final product was amazing. The exterior flashing they install with their windows looks great. I had no problems with scheduling or the pricing.

Leanne Decker: 06/03/2013 23:41

I would not recommend doing business with Atlas. If you do decide to use them make sure you read the back of the contract. They can back out of the job at any time. They kept my deposit for nearly 6 months and then decided they were not going to make enough of a profit on the job and cancelled. Be aware a contract means very little to this company.