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  • Address:19737 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills
  • Phone:(888) 407-9905
  • Opening Hours Today: 09:00-18:00
  • Monday: 09:00-18:00
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kirk mosher: 12/10/2016 06:28

A very solid and skilled general contractor! Highly recommend, by a certified building inspector. That's me

Angella Gerolo: 12/31/2015 05:30

They did a wonderful job with renovating my kitchen and downstairs bathroom. Top-notch work, who strove the tight deadlines we had. And the result was fantastic too, the kitchen is fabulous! Thank you for the great work, worth every penny!

Dina Tow: 12/18/2014 23:18

After a good twenty years, the residents of a townhome I own have decided to move on. I wanted to take the opportunity to give a long overdue make-over for the home before I get new tenants. For a long time I maintained an under-market cost to my tenants because they were model residents. For my next residents I wanted to increase the cost, but I had to justify it. Because this is a business venture for me I am on a tight budget. I started looking around on Angie's List for competent re-modelers, and came across US Home Developers. I got their coupon for a 3D design, which I felt was a great offer because it would give me a clear indication of where they think and where they want to go. Their representative, Avi, was a great guy. We went over everything I needed to get done, and I went over with him my budget range. Because of that limitation we had to go over some ideas that would be cost effective. It took well over an hour, but Avi was very patient with me. We decided on a few ideas and he promised to return back within a few days with a design. A few days later I got a real great design from Avi's design team. They were going to open up the kitchen, repaint the interior, and replace the carpeting with hardwood flooring. For the bathrooms we were going to add a new sink, lights and tiles, and for the kitchen, an installation of new cabinets. When we worked out the cost, I was pleased that it fit well within my budget, and I decided to move forward with US Home Developers. As they worked, Avi was always on top of everything, making sure that all the materials were provided when needed, and that the workers were on schedule. It took several months of hard work but in the end they did a fantastic job. Even though I had a slight change in the middle, they were happy to oblige, and it didn't affect our schedule at all.They kept true to the designs, and it made the interior of the town home look superb. I am very happy with the work they have done - and I cannot wait to start renting this out again. Thanks again, US Home Developers.

Barda Elianiv: 12/12/2014 05:47

When I needed to get my kitchen remodeled this summer I turned to Angie's List and lo and behold I found a really well reviewed company that was located near me. US Home Developers also offered a really cool coupon: I would get a great design! So I called them over and we went over what I wanted done. Pretty much I wanted to change the old looking wood cabinets I had to something more modern. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but I know I wanted my kitchen to just look better, and bigger, and less cluttered. They took down as much information I can give them and had their design team put together a real awesome 3D representation of what the kitchen would look like. I really loved it, because it gave me some examples of what I had in mind, but I didn't particularly like the cabinets. I was hoping this wouldn't be a big deal, so I asked them if they can change the cabinets somehow. They were really happy to oblige me and in a few days I was given an entirely new set of designs with open shelves that I thought were perfect for what I wanted done. I decided to sign with them and they got started immediately. I really liked the work that they did. The walls were painted a light cyan, and the open shelves were made of glass so it was perfect against the cyan. I had a lot of natural light in my kitchen, and it was emphasized even more because we chose the bottom cabinets to be a dark brown, with a gray countertop. Over all it made my kitchen look fantastic, and brand new and I am totally in love with it.

Sandra Mac: 11/01/2013 21:44

How many times do you need to tell these people to take you off their calling list??? National DO NOT CALL is worthless. Don't even bother. To US Home Developers, STOP CALLING.