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John L_02: 03/22/2016 05:21

Stay away from this guy. I did not mesh and a horrible experience resulted. Pulled the typical scare tactics. Foul language, uncomfortably extreme... Tried to actually push his design ideas for MY Bathroom lol -Early nineteenth century Spanish bungalow bathroom No I'm sorry does not need to be updated to a contemporary / modern style...we wanted to and are keeping it within the period design scope! Make a firm payment schedule fellow home owners. Don't pay anyone upfront (down payment OK) for phases until ALL work for that phase is COMPLETE. *Be aware of: TSH is incompetent and pulled the typical half-way switch change order to try and hold me up for more money than originally agreed upon. Thankfully we have everything documented. Yes I have a budget to stay within and cannot just double the original estimate. That's only a small part of the problem. *Quotes with TSH are double to almost triple when compared to other similarly compared contractors. Believe me, I consulted with several other contractors after the fact just to make sure I'm not crazy lol BTW I originally decided to go with TSH because my real estate agent recommended him. Sad to say again, didn't work out... I could go on and on... We cut-ties and are moving forward with a competent contractor. I hope this information helps others now and in the future. j