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  • Address:8350 Melrose Ave, Ste 1-5, West Hollywood, Ca 90069, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 651-0635

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Juliana Martin: 05/11/2016 22:44

Really bad customer service. Was trying to explain my situation. I do not know much about construction and the person answering just dint help out. Didn't make me feel like they wanted to help.

C Ren: 06/13/2014 20:55

These people seem to be running a scam. They charge by the hour and simply arrange to have a handyman come over. The handyman has no idea what work he'll be doing because the company does not tell him. He simply shows up. In my case, I told them in advance when I set up the appointment that I would need my tub re-caulked and some simple drywall patching where furniture had rubbed up against walls. When I told the handyman what needed to be done, he said he would have to go out to buy materials. To clarify, I said that that shouldn't be counted as part of the hourly billing since he really should have brought the caulk with him. His response was that I would need to be charged for his shopping time because he didn't even know he had to bring caulk. I'm not faulting the handyman... he honestly didn't know and he was simply following the instructions he is given by the company. The company that sent him, The Ultimate Handyman, should have told him what he was doing so he could come prepared. By not telling their workers what work will be done, they extend the amount of billable time because the workers then have to make shopping trips. This worker said to me that they always do this to him and people do tend to get upset. So we got them on the phone and the net result was that the worker simply left. Rather than make the situation right (meaning, the company pays the worker for his shopping time but doesn't pass the bill for that time along to the consumer since the consumer was clear about what work would need to be done in advance), they simply abandoned the job. So here I am, at home, having taken a day off, writing a negative yelp review rather than getting my tub re-caulked.

A Google User: 07/16/2010 12:32

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a friend of the owner, but I want to vouch for him, his crews and his company. The other day, we were talking about how his website was showing at the top of Google search for terms like Construction, Maintenance, Contractor, Remodeler, besides the obvious Handyman Services.  Because of that, some competitors were calling his company and questioning his employees about Internet placements, and how were able to get to the top of the list. Soon after, his staff noticed that some questionable reviews were placed on this website. The claims were outrageous and could not be linked to any jobs done by The Ultimate Handyman. It was concluded that the reviews were placed by competitors to bring the company’s rating down.  I found it to be a despicable business practice and I wanted to send the unfair competition a message: Your real value is measured by the things you do in life, and trying to lower a well-deserved rating only shows that there is a reason that your own rating is lower on Google search. Now, going back to the positive, the guys at the Ultimate Handyman are awesome! They have the best electrician working for them. His name is Byron He is knowledgeable, clean-cut, efficient and pays attention to details. Their plasterer, Jose, speaks basic English only, but he manages to speak volumes with his trowels and hard work. Every patch is done to perfection in record time. The Ultimate Handyman has several carpenters and I have seen many of their jobs including a rooftop addition for a Hotel in West Hollywood, many designer stores in the Pacific Design Center, high-end condominiums in the miracle mile and throughout Los Angeles, awesome commercial remodeling in Beverly Hills and great decks among many other construction jobs. They are top-notch carpenters, hard-workers and very trustworthy.  If you are a competitor, concentrate on doing a good job so you can get business without shady tactics. Now, if you are a potential customer, feel free to talk to The Ultimate Handyman first before you believe any of these competitors’ grievances. The Ultimate Handyman and his crews do deserve every one of the five stars I rated them, check it out for yourself.