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Joyce and Lee Stern: 05/02/2017 22:25

Exceptionally talented company. We recently moved to California and had previous experience with a kitchen renovation in another state and although that had been handled well, the Spazio renovation was easier on us because of their cooperative approach and their design concepts. We worked with Essi and his team, and their staff support was outstanding, and made a significant difference in the outcome. Their attention to details, and the focus on making it come out right distinguished them from other companies. Their design ideas were excellent, and they worked with us to make sure it also met our needs. We ended up with a stunningly beautiful kitchen that is bright, happy and with great storage and work space. The staff worked hard and long hours which helped complete the project on schedule and within budget in a little over 5 weeks, and it was so helpful to minimize the inconvenience of living in a new house without a kitchen. They were consistently thoughtful in helping us avoid the stress of a major renovation. The finished product is excellent. In a space that not everyone thought could accommodate an island, we have an island with storage and designed to allow movement on all sides. Our lovely little breakfast nook is a gem, and the incorporated extra storage space was an extra benefit. Essi took us to the different companies for selection of the various products, tile, backsplash, counter, flooring etc., and his eye for these choices helped us make these several decisions. We decided on custom cabinetry and the project all fit together beautifully. Essi worked closely with their hand-picked electrician, plumbers, and various installers who were all very careful and obviously skilled. Essi was available by text, phone and e-mail 24/7 and every night verified the project plans for the next day. He made us feel our project was special, although we know he had many other larger renovations and projects. This was an outstanding experience because of the thoughtfulness, diligence and knowledge Essi and the company brought to our kitchen renovation.

Olivia Reyes: 04/27/2017 01:23

Overall, Spazio LA did a fantastic job with our bathroom remodel. We are very happy with the results. We were happy with the design consultation and pretty much all of the planning portion of this project. We were also very happy with the care they took to keep our house and furnishing clean, the quality of the work, and with the rate at which things progressed with one large exception: 4 weeks into the renovation, we were 95% complete, and Spazio had made it clear that we had only 2 more days of work to be done. It was at this point that our design/project manager dropped the ball. Vendors arrived unannounced, appts were changed at very last minute notice, and she was tardy to arrive at the home to speak to the contractors. I was there to let them in, and tell them what needed to be done, at times only being able to reach her via text message. Then, when I was visibly stressing about the project's issues and stalling out at the very end, I decided to remove myself from the house to clear my head. She sensed this and texted me, specifically asking me to "air my grievances". When I voiced the concerns mentioned above, I was met with differed blame. All of my grievances were discussed via text message, and they spelled out the facts and issues that had arisen in the past two days and generally expressed that I found one of their vendors (the one we were waiting on to arrive and complete the project) extremely unreliable. While I was offered apologies for the inconvenience and for having to deal with this, there was, I felt, no acceptance or understanding that things could have been handled better by Spazio in those final days. It was, after all, not my responsibility to deal with the contractors directly. Things got even worse the last day of the install, when she accused me of "verbal abusing" her to my husband (her other client!) based off of the solicited "grievances" she had requested, refused to deal with me at all - not in person, via text or phone call- and actually made my husband drive home from work to deal with the final details. It was a shame that the project ended on such a sour note but all that being said, it hasn't stopped us from enjoying our new bathroom. Edit: Spazio did reach out after my initial review. The owner was appalled at the sequence of events leading up to this communication breakdown and offered to make it right. They have since said that they will not work the the contractor whom I found so difficult to work with. The designer/project manager has since apologized for her actions. I am grateful that they reached out and hope this experience stop this from happening to others in the future.

Kathleen Rottner: 04/22/2017 04:17

I couldn't be happier with my new Mid-Century modern kitchen and all the absolutely impeccable work Carissa, David, and the Spazio crews did to make it all come together. Not only am I inspired every morning and night as I work in my kitchen, but it's been over a month, and everything still looks and feels brand new! Finally the day had come when I realized I had enough of my current out-dated kitchen. My neighbor had just finished a gorgeous Mid-Century Modern remodel with Carissa from Spazio and I knew she was the one I needed to collaborate with during my own process. Still, I did get other bids from contractors to compare, which were almost a joke compared with the absolute class, professionalism, price and value I was getting from Spazio; I knew they were the one to take me into this remodel journey. From day one, a schedule was created and into day 15 all the way through the end, it was followed. Carissa knew I had high-end taste and was able to really listen and understand my aesthetic wish list as well as my function needs for much more storage! She took me to the best showrooms and worked with Art, Spazio's highly-skilled custom cabinet maker to design the most gorgeous custom, rift cut walnut cabinetry and layout. She made sure every detail such as grain direction, stain color, finish was perfect for me. This attention to detail happened with all of her tradesmen so that everything was as perfect as possible. When anything came up (as it always does) during the construction process, Carissa, David and the rest of their crews were on it to make it right. I couldn't really have asked for anything more. If you want a company who cares and does beautiful high-end work, I highly recommend Spazio! Thank you, Carissa for helping me take my dreams into reality!

Lori Glasser: 04/14/2017 07:04

I remodeled two bathrooms last year with another contractor and it was an absolute nightmare! That being said, when I decided to renovate my kitchen I was extremely hesitant to begin the process. I was very fortunate to have hired Spazio LA for the job because it ended up being a stress-free and very positive experience. My Interior Designer/Project Manager, Carissa Donsker and was exceptional! I knew I couldn’t do the design and management process alone again, and she coordinated and managed the entire project from beginning to end. Carissa suggested ideas, layout, materials and colors and made the best use of my limited space. Her keen eye to detail was impeccable. Carissa was available 24/7, responded to emails promptly and was at my home every day to meet with the subcontractors. If there was an issue, Carissa would problem solve and come up with a solution immediately. I was also very impressed that she was always making sure that everything was done in the allotted amount of time. Spazio estimated that the project would take approximately six weeks and I was moving back into my kitchen at six weeks. At the end of the project, I was informed by Spazio that I had an overpayment and they would be reimbursing me within the next few days. I was extremely impressed with their honesty. This is another true testament to their wanting to do what is right for the customer. I never thought before meeting them that the word honest and contractor even existed! Everyone who visits my home compliments my beautiful kitchen. I would definitely recommend Spazio LA, and of course Carissa Donsker as your Lead Designer and Project Manager, because of the unbelievable service I received. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome and would not hesitate to hire them again for my next renovation.

Helena Rosenthal: 03/17/2017 20:05

We are halfway through our full home remodel and thought an active review would be appreciated. We are in love with Essi and David! Every day, we communicate (in person, text, email and phone) with this amazing team. Essi and David are innovative, always responsive and have the best sub-contractors and resources. When we think our project cannot get any better, it absolutely does! Essi and David do everything to make our full remodel seamless and fun! From the first day of demolition to the present (8 short weeks), we've been energized and awakened to the incredible transformations we see every day! Bright LED recessed lights (all on dimmers), transform our home. A Nest thermostat complements our new furnace. A Ring doorbell provides peace of mind. An old closet is transformed into a media hub. These modern innovations and so many more are visionary! With Essi and David's help, we chose light gray porcelain tile for our flooring and gorgeous, custom shades of gray for wall colors, all accented by white baseboards. Our floor-to-ceiling fireplace now boasts Spanish black tile that draws people close to feel its unique texture. Our dream kitchen glows with under-cabinet lighting below white cupboards and black countertops. Our new guest bathroom with a rainfall showerhead, custom glass shower door and chrome fixtures are stunning! The colors in our den beautifully complement the other living spaces. The built-in bookcase and custom closet with new glass sliding doors add perfect elegance. Essi and David also painted the outside of our house with beautiful colors that complement the inside. Essi and David both give 200% to every aspect of their projects. We marvel at how they do it all with creative, functional ideas, charm and humor, 24/7! We welcome your questions and wish you a beautiful experience with Essi, David, and the entire SpazioLA team!