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  • Address:8040 Remmet Ave #9, Canoga Park
  • Phone:(747) 221-9017

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David Benson: 02/17/2017 04:20

Meir Manor shut down his corporation MIM Construction, Inc because 4 of his clients filed claims against his bond insurance at the same time. I am pleased to announce that the California Contractor's License Board just issued Meir a citation for $4,750 for failing to preform the work he contracted to do correctly and for not having workers comp insurance. Meir Manor is a con artist who will charm you while trying to get your business. Once you agree to work with him he demands payment for the first phase of work upfront even though the contract he spends 30 minutes reviewing with you states that he gets paid after the phase of work is completed to the satisfaction of the customer. He refuses to fix the mistakes made by the workers he picks up on a street corner every day. Meir claims that he will be on the job site every day supervising the work. Meir never supervised any of the work done at my house. I can honestly say that there was not a single item that Meir worked on that was done correctly. This man is a disgrace to the profession, a con artist and a true loser.

GZ: 02/07/2017 03:33

Horrible company..worked there for couple of months, owner was cool at the beginning, at least I thought he was, then turned out to be total axx, very dishonest. there were many times after I took an hour drove there and then told going home because of no work. After he told me he doesn't need me there, he totally disappeared, yet still he owned me my pay for over a month till I warned him about suing, and it was just a grand, not even some big numbers...his client can't even find where he was and work was suspended for no reason while I was there....I don't understand how this company stay in biz..but it was couple of years ago, maybe it has bankrupted....

xavier aleman: 03/05/2016 19:04

Really bad contractor he never finish the projects when he said, only broken promises l don't never recommend this Company.

Moshe Levi: 01/01/2015 06:29

Mim Construction, Inc is a ripoff , My company provide internet service, search engine optimization and web design to MiM Construction for 4 month, the owner Meir Manor was un patient and want to see result in the first 2 week, I had 3 hours conversation before we start the service about the time that will take to rank MIM construction website and it was very clear that it will take up to 6 month, I got paid for the first month and then after that Meir Manor the owner suddenly stop the service, after one month I got a call that he want to start the service again, it happened after that I send report of my past SEO work that I did and it start to show on search engine first page google search. So he was happy and we had conversation, Meir want to start the service again, I did 2 month of work and did not get paid, I try to call after the first month and the secretary ask me to send the invoice again and then she told me next week the check will be ready and then more storeys, end up that they stop to communicate, I drive to the office of MIM and no one open the door for me, I send more than 10 emails and SMS try to communicate, no answer, suddenly after 2 month I got e-mail that MIM want to stop the service, I was asking for the money that they own me, I got no answer, the owner Meir Manor and his company was dishonest and tricky with me, make me work intensively for 2 month without to get pay for my service, $2000