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  • Address:3330 Barham Blvd #103, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(818) 883-8753
  • Opening Hours Today: 08:00-18:00
  • Monday: 08:00-18:00
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G G: 04/15/2017 19:21

We contracted with Ari at ESV Prime Construction for a complete gut and renovation on our condo. After having gone through a couple of false starts with other General Contractors, it was refreshing to find him. Not only did he do a fantastic job for us, but he was responsive, always available, and helped us with both design advice as well as procuring good pricing. His attention to detail almost rivaled mine in assuring that everything was done properly, to code, and looked great. He was able to work seamlessly with some of our other contractors whom we wanted to use for specialty work. The result was superb. He gets our highest recommendation and we will use him again.

Jeffery L. Ye: 11/07/2014 08:01

Eric at ESV Prime Construction finished an addition over 800sq.ft. for my friend two years ago. We went over during the construction, and liked their job. Shortly after they were done with my friend, we worked with Eric on my 500sq.ft. addition. The project went through smoothly. Eric is very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and always keeps his promise. His crews are dedicated and professional as well. They showed up on time every day and 5-6 days a week throughout the entire project. It's unbelievable that my addition was completely done within 3 months. Whenever someone needs a contractor, ESV Prime Construction is the first one pops up in my mind. I highly recommend them.

Joshua Oransky: 07/18/2014 04:19

I've been using ESV for pretty much everything. Having owned & rehabbed several properties over the years, I've had to deal with many different contractors. I can say with confidence that ESV is exceptional. Eric & his staff always deliver more than you expect, and the quality of their work has never disappointed me. Any issues I've had were immediately addressed, and are always taken seriously. You wont find anyone who can provide a higher level of quality, consistency, and professionalism than ESV.

Mike Of LA: 03/01/2014 02:09

Let me start by saying that Eric Sherf is not only a great contractor, but he is a good person. He tells it to you straight, is up front and honest and stands by his word and his work. About a 3 years ago we discovered Eric and requested an estimate on an addition to our house, at the time we weren't quite ready to make a move, but Eric still gave us his time and attention, over the next year we called him with different requests and modifications to our initial project and not once did he seem annoyed. Fast forward a year and we were finally in a position to make a move. He helped us install a sheer wall under our house, framed, plumbed and wired our addition, repaired some stucco and installed a garage door. Since then we've utilized his services numerous times and every time it's been a great experience. Keep in mind, he is not the cheapest out there, nor should he be, when it comes to your home you want the best and Eric and his teams deliver nothing but.

lester smore: 01/23/2014 22:35

Our project was a big Mid-Century Modern fixer-upper in Mt. Washington that needed a full remodel, Eric and his team took on the challenge and succesfully brought it back to it's full glory. They are honest, knowledgeable & experienced. We highly recommend them