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  • Address:15138 Stagg Street, - Entrance off Burnet Avenue, Van Nuys
  • Phone:(800) 574-3006

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Nastashia Friday: 11/22/2016 12:01

The best place to work and have upgrade your home!

Joel Cardenas: 11/07/2016 06:39

My name is Joel, I’m a USAF veteran and I ordered 9 windows from California energy contractors which supposed to cost $12,00.00 & they required $ 200.00 deposit. My sale reps were Alex & Johnny and showed me the 4 big windows, 2 in the back living room, 2 in the office and spare bedroom that has a louvre that pulls up and down so that when it’s breezy you can tilt the louvre forward and slide it out. The ones that hey install slide side to side. The initial date that they came and we signed the contract was 04/19/16, they didn’t install until 07/08/16. I worked as a Rehab. Therapist for home health & I covered the whole Antelope Valley area, their crew installed the windows without my presence & they did a wonderful job with the exception of installing the wrong 4 big windows in which I indicated on the paperwork. I called the company and left several messages but weeks has gone by & they took their time to call back & respond. Listed below are the grievances that I address to them: 1.) Invoice weren’t clear how much each item cost, what model or serial no. each windows represent since I don’t work for their company, naturally I don’t know what “ xo” meant. 2.) I was never informed that the windows were ready for my inspection to make sure it’s the right windows that were supposed to be installed…plus the fact that it took close to 3 months for the completion of the job. 3.) I got curious how much those windows were so I went to Home Depot & ask around and for the largest windows that’s double pane with argon gas insulation the customize windows will, only cost no more than $ 350.00 to $ 400.00 & the smallest one comparable to mine was between $ 75.00 to $ 100.00 4.) These guys were playing me & has told me to talk to Jacob, then talk to Alex, then talk to Johnny until I called CBS investigative people & threatened them that I’ll spread their unprofessionalism & spread to social media in which I’m doing now so that no other clients will experience what I endured with these people. 5.) Lastly it’s hard enough to work hard, lifting heavy stroke patients and travel house to house then be burdened with this problem.. #CaliforniaEnergyContractors #Unprofessionalcontractors #deceptivepractices #notcustomerserviceoriented